How to get Warzone speed boost powerup in new Clash mode

Alex Garton
Movement powerup Warzone

Warzone’s 50v50 Clash mode gives players the chance to use a set of incredibly strong powerups, and with a movement speed boost available, players are doing everything they can to find it in their matches.

The arrival of Warzone’s 1.42 update means a host of changes for players to enjoy, including various weapon nerfs & buffs, a Judge Dredd operator, and of course, the new Clash mode.

This chaotic 50v50 Team Deathmatch style mode offers a completely new experience in Verdansk, allowing players to use their loadouts right from the start and deciding a victor based on points.

Despite this, the most exciting aspect of Clash is the powerups that can be found across the map, giving players unique and deadly abilities.

Although there are countless powerups to collect, it’s the movement speed boost that’s getting the most attention from the community.

How does the Warzone movement speed powerup work?

Warzone Clash Powerup
Warzone’s Clash mode was introduced in patch 1.42.

If you’re the type of player that’s always looking to push aggressively, it may be time to hop into Clash and locate the movement speed boost.

This limited-time powerup significantly increases your movement speed for around 30 seconds, allowing you to retreat or chase down fleeing enemies.

You’ll know the boost is active as a sound effect will occur when you pick it up and an indicator will appear at the bottom of your screen showing you how long you have left to make the most of the powerup.

While this boost isn’t the strongest powerup available to players, it’s definitely one of the most fun and is perfect for those who are always looking for the next skirmish.

Where to find speed boost powerup in Warzone

Where to find speed boost powerup
Powerups can be acquired in Clash by defeating enemies or through looting supply boxes.

Like all of the powerups in Clash, you can obtain the movement speed boost from defeating enemy players as well as opening supply boxes.

As shown in the clip above, powerups seem to be more common when opening rare orange boxes, so be on the lookout for any of them in your matches.

Otherwise, it’s just a case of taking out as many enemies players as possible, which shouldn’t be too difficult as they’ll be 50 enemies to locate and takedown.

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