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How to get spicy CDL Major 5 cosmetics for free in Cold War & Warzone

Published: 24/Jul/2021 23:56

by Jaret Kappelman


Call of Duty League, Warzone, and Cold War fans everywhere can rejoice as new in-game features have been announced for Major 5. These rewards pay homage to some of CoD’s most iconic esport moments.

Viewership rewards have been a great way to get the fans engaged during matches especially since the start of the pandemic.

As part of an effort to reward the fans for watching the highest level of Call of Duty, Activision are giving people free in-game items for watching the CDL YouTube live stream.

Even though these rewards have no effect on gameplay, they are something fun to have and show off when you load into lobbies or kill opponents.


Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War League Play 2
Activision / Treyarch
Call of Duty League viewership rewards grants players free in-game skins and cosmetics to show off.

How to get CDL Major 5 rewards

  1. Create an Activision account on the CDL website.
  2. Make sure your in-game Activision account is linked to YouTube
  3. If not already linked, access and link your account with these steps
  4. Double-check it says “connected” on the CDL YouTube channel
  5. Sit back and enjoy some competitive Call of Duty (for at least 3 hours to claim all rewards).

Watching throughout Stage 5 will get things kicked off and reward you with Double XP and Double Battle Pass XP tokens.

But, if you wan the more-exciting cosmetics,  you’ll want to tune in on Championship Sunday for some of the big rewards.

CDL Major 5 viewership rewards
Here are the viewership rewards available to people that watch the Major 5 Championship.

The CDL is bringing back one of the most iconic trash-talking moments in all of esports. The new calling card “Look at my bank account” is in reference to Marcus ‘MiRx’ Carter and his match against Team Envy at UMG Atlanta 2013.

Another calling card that can be earned is the “SKRRR” one. This one could be a fan-favorite as many will recognize it as the commercial music used in between maps or matches.


These are just some of the rewards available for players, emblems and more XP tokens can be earned on Championship Sunday as well.

Major 5 is scheduled to begin Thursday, July 22. A schedule will be announced when group play is wrapped up.