How to get killstreaks and custom loadouts in Call of Duty Warzone

. 2 years ago

In Call of Duty’s new Warzone battle royale mode, players can’t earn killstreaks or build their loadouts out in the conventional way of amassing kills like in multiplayer.

In Warzone cash is king, and that’s especially true for both killstreak rewards and filling your kit out with the best gear.

As in most battle royale games, the basic way to acquire weapons is to find them and other equipment scattered around the map, but along with that players will also find piles of bills to grab.

Infinity Ward
Players have to collect cash in addition to weapons and gear in Warzone.

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It’s with this cash that killstreaks and the best weapons and equipment in the game mode can be acquired from Buy Stations, which are spread all throughout the map.

Buy Stations are visible on players’ map, and the nearest one can be marked with a pin to make finding it even easier.

Warzone practically revolves around its in-game economy, which means it’s essential for players to collect as much money as they can find while making their way around the map.

It’s even possible for players to pool their cash together in order to afford more expensive (and more lethal) killstreaks by dropping it on the ground.

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Warzone will offer the same killstreak rewards as traditional multiplayer, so you can expect to see things like a UAV system being one of the cheaper items and something like the precision airstrikes available at a higher price.

As for loadouts, players can select two weapons to hold, along with one piece of lethal equipment and one piece of tactical equipment as well.

Weapons in Warzone come in rarity tiers that will be familiar to BR players, for instance, a green weapon will be much less expensive than an orange or gold tier.

Ghost in Modern Warfare.
Players may choose to defend Buy Stations in a bid to sabotage the enemy squad.

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You can even revive downed teammates at Buy Stations, but whether or not you’ll be able to convince your teammates to bring you back when they’re being tempted by a nice shiny killstreak reward remains to be seen.

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