How to get a Juggernaut suit in Warzone: All steps & locations

juggernaut wielding minigun in cod warzoneActivision

After a sizable absence from the battle royale shooter, Juggernaut Suits have returned to CoD Warzone. Find out how you can slide into one of these OP suits and start laying into your opponents with a monstrous minigun.

One of the most polarizing gameplay features in Warzone history is back! If you are able to get into a Juggernaut Suit you love them, if you have to fight one you hate them. There’s no middle ground really.

Season 2 Reloaded has made some of the biggest changes ever to Rebirth Island and almost reinvented the map. To celebrate this, Raven has brought back the big, bad, buff daddy Juggernaut suits, and if you’re itching to get to put one on, then our guide will show you how.

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juggernaut using minigun on enemies in cod warzoneActivision/Treyarch
They are ludicrously OP and ludicrously fun to use.

What is a Juggernaut Suit?

Juggernaut Suits are incredible upgrades that massively boost your health and change whatever weapon you had into a fully-loaded minigun stocked to the gills with a big box of rounds.

They do not make you invincible, however, so Warzone players do need to be mindful when taking damage. You will be visible at all times on the map, meaning all that indescribable power does come with some disadvantages to be mindful of.

overhead view of rebirth island in cod warzoneActivision
Rebirth’s rebirth coincided with the ability to get a Juggernaut Suit.

Acquiring a Juggernaut Suit in Warzone

At present, the only way that players can become a Juggernaut is to hope for a very rare, random drop on Rebirth Island. They are certainly not ubiquitous.

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In previous seasons and maps, Juggernaut Suits have been available in bunkers that required keycards to obtain. They’ve also been random drops in Verdansk and been brought back sparingly throughout the course of the game’s lifespan for special events.

The end of Verdansk was one notable occasion of this occurrence as it concluded with several players congregating by Dam in an effort to fight off the Zombies that had overrun the Island.

As always, they will only be in the game for a limited time before they are locked away in the Warzone vault for a while.

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