How to get Judge Dredd skin in Warzone and Cold War


The Judge Dredd skin bundle has finally arrived in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, giving players the chance to rep the classic superhero in Verdansk and the multiplayer maps.

Warzone and Cold War have brought several iconic characters to the game with their own skins and cosmetic bundles, including Jigsaw from the ‘Saw’ franchise and Rambo, to name but a few.

While these collaborations aren’t quite as frequent as in the likes of Fortnite, who have different celebrities and characters getting their own skins seemingly every week, it’s still equally as exciting for Warzone players.

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Now, with Judge Dredd arriving in-game, let’s take a look at how you can get the skin and what else is included in the bundle.

How to get Judge Dredd bundle in Warzone & Cold War

judge dredd new warzone skinActivision
Judge Dredd is sure to cause carnage across Verdansk.

The Judge Dredd bundle became available on September 14, and it’s easy enough to get — but it won’t be free.

The bundle is going to set you back 2400 CoD Points if you want to buy it. Here’s how you can get the bundle, with skins, blueprints and other cosmetics, in Warzone and Cold War:

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  1. Load up your game of Warzone or Black Ops Cold War.
  2. Head over to the Store tab.
  3. Under the ‘Featured’ banner, find the Tracer Pack: Judge Dredd Limited Time Bundle.
  4. Select it.
  5. Once you’re happy to make the purchase, click ‘Buy Bundle’.

It’s worth noting that this bundle is only available until Thursday, October 14, so if you want to buy it you shouldn’t wait too long.

Judge Dredd I am the Law warzoneActivision
Judge Dredd is the law.

What is in the Judge Dredd Warzone bundle?

By purchasing the Judge Dredd bundle in Warzone or Cold War, you get 10 different cosmetic items, including two skins and three blueprints. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Judge Dredd Beck Skin
  • Judge Dredd Beck Skin (black and white)
  • Lawgiver blueprint (Handgun Delta)
  • Arbitrator Rifle blueprint (Assault Rifle Hotel)
  • Quick Judgement blueprint (Submachine Gun Foxtrot)
  • Incendiary Black Ops Cold War Operator finishing move
  • Judge’s Watch watch
  • Book of Law charm
  • Life & Death emblem
  • Quarrel of Judges calling card

There’s more than enough content in here to keep you going for a while, so if you do want to purchase the bundle, make sure you get it before October 14.

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