How to get into Ashika Island’s secret power plant room in Warzone 2

Ashika Island power plant with WZ2.0 logoActivision

Eagle-eyed Warzone 2 players have uncovered another secret room on the brand-new Ashika Island Resurgence map, guaranteed to leave you and your teammates with some top-tier loot. Here’s what you need to know. 

Ashika Island dropped with Warzone 2 Season Two, bringing the battle royale sequel’s first post-launch environment. 

Although it’s only a small Resurgence map, fans have been loving the change of pace it offers, even if the recent addition of AI has proved contentious. 

Players’ exploration of the new Island has already led to the discovery of a secret ‘underwater bunker’ and, now, curious players have discovered another secret area that offers incredible loot. 

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How to get into Ashika Island’s power plant secret room 

The trick was highlighted by player ‘scottoac’ on Twitter, who shared their findings on February 22. 

Specifically, players have to:

  1. Head to Ashika Island’s power plant, just north west of Tsuki Castle.
  2. Gain access to the power station using a stronghold key card.
  3. Head down into the depths of the power plant, where four different switches are located. 
  4. Flip all four switches on. 
  5. Head into the secret room, using the green lights as your guide!

As the player’s video demonstrated, there’s a huge amount of desirable loot waiting for players once the tasks have been completed. 

There’s multiple orange crates to open, alongside the typical armor plates and cash to stockpile. 

With Ashika Island still incredibly new, we’re certain there are more easter eggs and secret locations to discover. 

Naturally, we’ll have them all covered if and when the player base cottons on.