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How to fix Zombies Mauer Der Toten broken map glitch

Published: 16/Jul/2021 12:42

by Jacob Hale


With the Season 4 Reloaded update, Black Ops Cold War players got their hands on the brand new Zombies map Mauer Der Toten — but it didn’t take long for some huge issues to arise.

Almost immediately, it became clear that there are serious issues with the new Zombies map. The new round-based map has a huge texture bug that’s making it unplayable for players on Xbox Series X, with textures not loading in.

With entire sections of the map simply not appearing, and players clipping between levels, there has been outrage at the launch of Mauer Der Toten.

While Treyarch have confirmed that the issue is on their radar, some players have found workarounds or temporary solutions while the issue gets fixed.


klaus zombies black ops cold war
Mauer Der Toten arrived with Season 4 Reloaded.

Posting to Reddit, darkrangeresp revealed two solutions that they have found to get into the action and play the map properly.

The first solution is either downloading the unenhanced version of the game on an external hard drive or deleting the HD textures from your console. This does mean it will be of a lower quality, but it might be worthwhile for the ability to actually play the map.

The second solution darkrangeresp recommends is to simply sit in the Zombies menu for a while (they suggest 40 minutes). It appears this gives it enough time to load, with darkrangeresp saying they got it to work properly three times after doing this.


While these aren’t ideal solutions, it is preferable to playing a completely broken map, or not playing the new content at all.

Hopefully, Treyarch releases a fix sooner rather than later so we don’t have to hunt for solutions, but for now, it’s well worth trying these out so you can at least play the map properly.