How to fix Warzone dev error 896


Call of Duty: Warzone dev error 896, or the launcher camo glitch, is possibly the weirdest game-crashing bug of them all. Fortunately, while you can’t necessarily fix it – there’s a very easy and simple way to fully avoid it.

In comparison to the notorious Warzone dev error 6039, dev error 896 feels a little sillier. While the former may require you to completely delete and re-install the battle royale, the latter doesn’t even kick you out of the application.

Still, though, if you’re on edge about crashes (which have become especially problematic on console), it’s worth knowing about dev error 896 and its causes.

Basically, the crash seems to be a product of trying to edit Vanguard launchers in the loadout selection screen. Here’s what to do when it happens and how to avoid it.

Warzone dev error 896: the launcher camo glitch

vanguard m1 bazookaActivision
You better like the M1 Bazooka’s default camo if you want to run it in Warzone.

There are four total launchers in Vanguard: the M1 Bazooka, Panzerschreck, Panzerfaust, and MK11 Launcher.

Dev error 896 pops up whenever you try to edit any of these launchers in your loadout gunsmith. After clicking the button to modify them, the game will freeze briefly, send you back to the main menu, and slap a “dev error 896” on your screen.

How to fix Warzone dev error 896

warzone launcher helicopterActivision
Default launchers are the way to go if you want to blow up planes in the Pacific.

Put simply, it doesn’t seem like this issue can be fixed by anyone but the developers themselves. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly easy to avoid: just don’t try to edit your launchers.

While you won’t be able to equip any neat camos, stickers, or charms on your big-boom guns, at least you’ll be able to play the game without hassle.

The dev error isn’t currently listed on Raven Software’s Trello board for known Warzone issues, so it’s unlikely a fix for dev error 896 is high on their list of priorities. So, for now, players should just steer clear of it and embrace the default skins.

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