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How to fix the broken scope glitch in Warzone

Published: 31/Jan/2021 10:56

by Connor Bennett


Warzone players have got a quick workaround for the annoying scope glitch, where you can’t see anything but a bright white target. Here’s what you need to know. 

Call of Duty Warzone has cemented itself right in the upper echelon of battle royale games, right alongside Apex Legends and Fortnite. Though, despite the incredible success after less than a year, players have issues.

Since the switch to integrate Black Ops Cold War, there have a number of broken weapons, invisible skins, and unlocks not working properly. This is all in addition to cheaters infesting lobbies, too. 

One annoying glitch comes when you use a scope like the Arial Arms 3x. When players start shooting, the scope can break, and instead of seeing players or the landscape, you see nothing.


warzone stairs gunfight
Warzone players have run into a whole host of different bugs.

How to fix Warzone’s broken sight glitch

The glitch isn’t specific to a certain weapon or type of weapon, it can happen to pretty much anything with a long-rang scope on.

However, if you manage to fall victim to it, there is a quick way to fix it. As Reddit user Fake_Plastic_Peace points out, if you swap to your secondary weapon, fire off a few shots, and then switch back, your scope should go back to normal.

Of course, this doesn’t fix it forever, and you might still run into the bug after using the workaround. But, it’s better to take a few seconds to fix it, rather than not being able to see for the whole game. 


  1. Swap to your secondary weapon
  2. Take a few shots and reload
  3. Switch back to the weapon with a scope
  4. Your broken scope should now be fixed

This issue isn’t the only one that some players have while using scopes. Those who play on a Xbox Series X/S or PS5 have run into a problem where their reticle flips upside down while zooming in.

That issue is listed on the Warzone Trello board as being investigated, but there’s nothing about the broken scope. Though, players will be hoping that both issues are fixed by the devs in the near future.