How to fix annoying Warzone server disconnect error

Warzone player parachuting in over CalderaActivision

Call of Duty struggled with server stability issues in 2020 during year one of Warzone — and it looks as though server issues are back after the June 2 update. 

Raven Software added a new LTM called Champion of Caldera as part of the Warzone June 2 update.

Champion of Caldera is a 150-player game mode that forces players to fight while dealing with a continuously closing circle. Each player drops in with their own loadout, a Redeploy Extraction Token, and a gas mask.

Unfortunately, the ambitious game mode has had a rocky first day and server instability is plaguing players that are trying to queue up. Raven Software tweeted about the issues and in response has lowered the player count in Champion of Caldera from 150 to 120.

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Fortunately for frustrated players, there are some easy steps that may solve the dreaded Server Disconnected error message.

How to fix Warzone Server Disconnected Error 


Longtime Warzone veterans are sure to be familiar with the image seen below.

Warzone server issues have been an issue since it was first released in 2020.

Warzone players can follow a few simple steps to get right back in the action.

  • Wait and be patient 

One of the easiest suggestions is to wait things out and keep trying to reconnect. It is possible that the servers are dealing with massive traffic and you may just have to be patient. Restarting the game may also help alleviate the issue.

  • Check your firewall 

If you cant get into the game it may be caused by a firewall blocking access.

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Steps to fix:

  1. On PC, search for Windows Defender from the Start menu
  2. Click on Advanced Settings > Outbound Rules
  3. Find Call of Duty Modern Warfare on the list
  4. Click on Properties on the menu on the right
  5. Select Allow Connection
  • Restart your modem/router

A basic fix for any server issue is turning your internet connection off and back on again. It may sound extremely simple, but sometimes it works.

Operator on the cover of Warzone PacificActivision
Champion of Caldera was added as part of the June 2 patch update but caused connection issues for some players.

Though there are a few ways to help out if you’re one of the players experiencing problems with the battle royale’s connectivity.

Hopefully, one of these fixes helped solve your Warzone server issue problems.