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How to find the Ray Gun Mark II in Call of Duty: Blackout

Published: 22/Feb/2019 12:54 Updated: 22/Feb/2019 14:10

by Connor Bennett


The Ray Gun Mark II can now be used in Call of Duty: Blackout, but you will need to know where to find it and how to unlock it before being able to wield it. 

An update released on February  19 added a new area to the map in Ghost Town, new skins and a brand new weapon – the Ray Gun Mark II. However, the new Zombies gun can be a little difficult to find. 

Reddit user Toukoberry revealed just how to acquire the weapon in a quick post, stating that players seeking out the Ray Gun will have to complete an alternate version of the Buried easter egg from Black Ops 2.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to complete the easter egg though, as we’ve got you covered. 


When dropping into the Blackout map, head to Ghost Town and find a Combat Axe in area. Once found, use the Combat Axe to hit a Bullseye on the dart board in the Saloon while standing behind a line of chalk which can be found just in front of the target.

Completing that will trigger a musical alert – a playing piano – and will then unlock a Jail cell door a few buildings away where a question mark sits on a wall. Interacting with the question mark will allow you to grab the all-new weapon.

Found the Ray Gun Mark 2 in Blackout! from r/Blackops4

Similar to the original Ray Gun, which can also be found in Blackout, the Ray Gun Mark II only comes with a limited amount of ammo – 60 rounds.

While the weapon differs from the original gun by firing in three-round bursts and not dealing splash damage, it is still an extremely powerful weapon and, if used correctly, can put enemies down with ease.

It is also unknown if multiple players can wield the weapon or if it is limited to one spawn per game. 

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3 tips to help you survive Black Ops Cold War’s new Zombies Cranked mode

Published: 15/Jan/2021 23:40

by Tanner Pierce


With the release of Black Ops Cold War’s mid-season update, Treyarch has added Cranked into the game’s Zombies mode – and it’s pretty different from the standard version, requiring some completely separate strategies. 

While Cranked in Call of Duty games is nothing new, having debuted all the way back in 2013’s Ghosts, what is different is a Zombies version of the mode, which was just added to Black Ops Cold War during the game’s midseason update.

The concept is simple: You’re given a timer, and when that timer reaches 0, you explode and die. With each kill, however, your timer resets, giving you more time to keep on grinding. It’s an incredibly fast-paced mode in normal multiplayer, and the Zombies version is even more hectic – but there are some tips you can utilize to help you survive longer.

Pace out your kills

Pacing out your kills in Cranked is important due to the fact that you only need one kill to reset your timer.

In standard Cranked, players are usually scrambling to get kills. In a 5v5 or 6v6, it makes sense, considering there’s only a limited amount of potential targets, and if you can’t find anyone, you’ll die easily due to the timer running out.

With BOCW Zombies Cranked, the opposite is true. There’s always an abundance of enemies and, while it’s not impossible to run out of targets, generally speaking, they’ll keep on spawning (there’s not even a break in-between rounds).

Because of this, there’s no need to be mowing down Zombies as one does in the normal mode. Instead, if you’re feeling overwhelmed (or if you want to get something done like Pack-A-Punching your weapon), try running away from the enemies for a while to get your bearings.

Remember, all it takes is one kill to reset your timer. If you find it running out, just look behind you at the horde you’ve surely amounted, kill one Zombie, and then move along with your business. Wasting your time mowing down each and every zombie can cost you your game.

With all that being said, don’t think you can run away from the Zombies with no problem; if you get too far away, you’ll find yourself struggling for kills, so it’s best if you stay nearby.

Use fast-reloading weapons and attachments

You’ll want to use weapons that can be reloaded quickly in Cranked.

In normal Zombies, using a LMG is sort of required during late-game conflicts, as it allows you to mow down Zombies with greater power. In Cranked, speed is king, so it might be better to use something smaller like an SMG.

Reloading fast is essential in Cranked, as you can easily become overrun. Even though it does have a lot of power, you don’t want to waste your time on the horrendously slow reload time found on LMGs. If you want an even faster reload time, you could even throw a fast-mag onto your SMG, and get it done even quicker.

In addition, SMGs have the added benefit of allowing you to run faster, meaning you’ll be able to evade Zombies even better than you would before.

Always go for the Timer Freeze power up

Remembering these tips can be the difference between surviving or dying early on.

Treyarch has implemented a brand new power-up that’s exclusive to the Cranked game mode: Timer Freeze. With this, players will be able to stop their countdown timer for around 15 seconds or so, giving them a breather.

While this might seem obvious to point out, you’ll want to go for those as much as possible. Getting one at the start of your game is not too important, but it’s especially critical when you get into the late game.

As the mode goes on, your timer will get shorter and shorter, meaning every break you get becomes more and more important. Having that 15 second breather seems like an eternity once you get it, so missing out on one can hurt you a lot – sometimes costing you your life.

While Cranked is incredibly fast-paced, it’s really not that bad if you know what you’re doing. If you remember these tips, you shouldn’t have as much of a problem.