How to earn CDL Knife Blueprint & more from watching CoD Champs Weekend

Theo Salaun
Infinity Ward

Viewership rewards are back for the Call of Duty League Championship Weekend, as players can earn an exclusive CDL Knife Blueprint and more cosmetics for use in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Call of Duty players have been able to earn in-game cosmetics by watching the CDL for much of the 2020 season, but those rewards have been upped considerably for CDL Champs. In the final weekend of CDL play, August 29-30, a variety of viewership rewards will be made available to fans.

Infinity Ward
The CDL Champs Knife Blueprint is slick, gold, and most importantly… Free!

The Knife Blueprint is the headlining reward, but it is joined by a variety of Calling Cards, Emblems, and Sprays — as well as randomized code drops for the CDL Champs Pack and a mystery drop.

That Champs Pack is particularly alluring, as fans who luck into receiving a code for it will be able to save $14.99 and earn a whopping amount of items for free: three Legendary Blueprints, two Charms, three Calling Cards, three Emblems, three Sprays, and 55 stickers.

How to earn CDL Champs viewership rewards

  1. Sign into your Activision Account on or the COD Companion app, if you don’t have one — create one here
  2. Link your Playstation, Xbox, or account.
  3. Watch CDL Champs live on or the COD Companion app and let the rewards start flowing

How to earn each CDL Champs reward

CDL Champs rewards.
There are plenty of rewards on offer, alongside the CDL Knife Blueprint.

There are eight tiers of rewards on offer during the Championship Weekend. To earn all eight tiers, players will need to tune in for a total of four hoursHere’s every viewership reward on offer and how to earn each one.

Tiered rewards

  • Level One — Glory Isn’t Given Emblem: Unlocks after 15 minutes over the weekend.
  • Level Two — Glory Isn’t Given Sticker: Unlocks after 30 minutes over the weekend.
  • Level Three — Glory Isn’t Given Spray: Unlocks after 1 hour over the weekend.
  • Level Four — Atlanta FaZe Player Card: Unlocks after 1.5 hours over the weekend.
  • Level Five — Dallas Empire Player Card: Unlocks after 2 hours over the weekend.
  • Level Six — Chicago Huntsmen Player Card: Unlocks after 2.5 hours over the weekend.
  • Level Seven — London Royal Ravens Player Card: Unlocks after 3 hours over the weekend.
  • Level Eight — Glory Isn’t Given Player Card: Unlocks after 4 hours over the weekend.

Day-specific rewards

  • CDL Champs Pack: Randomized code drops on Saturday.
  • CDL Champs Knife Blueprint: Unlocks after 30 minutes on Sunday.

Viewers of Activision’s Call of Duty League Championship Weekend will also have the chance to win an early access code for the upcoming Black Ops Cold War beta. Follow our guide to ensure you’re in the know on how to secure your code.

We will update this page with additional information as it becomes available, but spectators should get their sign-ins and linked accounts sorted in the meantime.