How to access the Black Ops Cold War Beta early through Twitch

Black Ops Cold War gameplay/ Twitch logoInfinity Ward / Twitch

The Black Ops Cold War Beta will soon be available across all platforms with early access for those with a preorder. However, Activision just revealed a new way to jump in early without spending a dime.

If you’re on PlayStation 4, there’s a good chance you already checked out the Beta last weekend. But if you’re on Xbox or PC, October 15 is your first opportunity to jump into Treyarch’s new title. Those that pre-purchase the game on their platform of choice get two days of early access.

For everyone else, the Beta will be completely public across all platforms from October 17 onwards. If you can’t wait that long, but you also can’t preorder the game just yet, fear not. Activision has announced another method of getting into the Beta early.

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It couldn’t be simpler and you’ll be able to start grinding in no time with this new feature. Here’s everything you need to know.

Accessing the Black Ops Cold War Beta through Twitch

If you just can’t wait to try out Black Ops Cold War, Twitch will come in handy over the next few days. Just for watching your favorite Call of Duty streamers, you’ll be able to earn access to the Beta in no time at all.

Unlike other games that have used a similar drop system through Twitch, there’s no luck involved here. All you have to do is watch Twitch streams and you’ll be handed Beta access without a hassle.

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In fact, it’s guaranteed for every single person that wants one.

Twitch Black Ops Cold War betaActivision
You can enter the Black Ops Cold War Beta early thanks to Twitch.

All three major platforms will be live at the exact same time. However, this method is only applicable to those on PC as you’ll need Battle.Net for it to work. Follow the steps below to get access as soon as possible:

1. Ensure your Battle.Net account is linked to Twitch

Click here to check your connections on Twitch. It’s here that you’ll be able to find the Battle.Net application and link it directly to your Twitch account.

Once that’s sorted, you’ll then need to check your connections through Battle.Net as well. Click through here to verify the link between Twitch and Battle.Net.

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2. Watch four hours of Black Ops Cold War on Twitch

As soon as the Beta goes live, select Twitch streamers will have drops-enabled on their channels. You’ll need to pay close attention and make sure that the stream you’re watching has an icon with drops clearly visible. 

So long as you’ve found a streamer that meets the criteria, sit back, enjoy four hours of gameplay, and just like that the Beta will be yours on PC.

Black Ops Cold War BetaActivision
The second weekend of the Beta will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The Beta goes live on October 15 at 10 AM PT. Meaning that you’ll be able to start playing at 2PM PT at the earliest if you watch all four hours right out of the gate.

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If you’re happy to wait or simply can’t keep Twitch open for the four hours, the Beta will be public on October 17 at 10 AM PT.