How OpTic Chicago can use Major 5 momentum to win CDL Champs

Call of Duty League / Dallas Empire

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With the Call of Duty League Championship on the horizon, Reverse Sweep’s Andrew ‘Enigma’ Campion breaks down why OpTic Chicago are the dark horse. After a strong performance at Stage 5, Enigma believes the team can ride their Major 5 momentum to a CDL trophy. 

CDL fan-favorites, OpTic Chicago have had quite a roller coaster of a season. The team came in as one of the league’s most promising teams, but living up to those expectations has been quite difficult.

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Although there have been struggles throughout the season, they are one of two teams that didn’t make a roster change, the other being CDL’s top dogs: Atlanta FaZe. Prior to entering Stage 5, the team was only able to finish top-four, but with fans back and the LAN environment, OpTic managed to rally for a third-place finish at Major 5.

Enigma breaks down the team’s run, taking down the likes of Empire and LAN hot Surge. With recent success, fans hope the team can make a deep run and Enigma is on board with them: “they can not only hang with the top teams, they can actually outperform them.”

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While the team can hang with the best and have a very strong map pool, Enigma pointed out one thing that could stop Optic: the Toronto Ultra.

Enigma mentioned that, throughout the year, we have seen OpTic suffer from mental blocks. He said, “they struggle to believe they can beat a side if they haven’t in a while.” The Ultra have had the better of OpTic in the last four matchups, so the concern is reasonable.

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In those series, Ultra have taken six of seven Search and Destroy maps, propelling them to a victory. OpTic did fall short at Major 5 but their only losses came to Ultra. Enigma believes that if the team can use the momentum from Major 5, play with confidence, and come together as a unit, they can hoist that CDL Champs trophy.