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How does Warzone decide which player gets credit for each kill?

Published: 10/Nov/2020 0:13

by Marco Rizzo


The unorthodox system used by Warzone to decide which player gets the credit for a kill has finally been figured out by Call of Duty Youtuber JGOD.

As explained in the video, it’s a question that tends to pop up in squad matches rather than solos due to how many players might be focusing their crosshairs at a single target.

And it’s true! How many times have you wasted an entire magazine on an enemy player just to see your friend be awarded the elimination after hitting only one shot?

As JGOD shows, it is not a question about who gets the last shot or who does the most damage, only how much damage the last player inflicts.


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Claiming kill credit in Warzone has more to do with enemy health than you might think


To understand the concept, it is better to have a basic understanding of how health works in Warzone.

The base health in Warzone is 100 points, with the potential to be boosted by equipping armor. Each plate adds 50 more points for a maximum of 150 additional health to a total of 250 points.

If the player being targeted has more than 30 points of health before being brought down, the player who shot last will get the kill.

Conversely, if the player has 29 points of health or fewer, whoever dealt the most damage beforehand will be credited.

This means that no matter who shoots last, as long as you inflict more than 221 damage, your kill-count on the scoreboard will go up by one.


The relevant topic begins at the 1:19 mark below for mobile viewers

In the video, we see JGOD experimenting with various weapons such as the Kilo, Striker, and MP7. This was in order to show that the number of shots fired or the percentage of  damage inflicted does not affect who is credited with the kill.

While this information might not stop the frustration of seeing your kill being stolen by a friend or a random player in a Solo match, knowing about this system might come in handy when trying to figure out how much damage your weapons are inflicting and ultimately helping to improve your loadouts.