How a Fortnite Dropout Became Warzone’s Richest Player

. 1 year ago
How a Fortnite Dropout Became Warzone's Richest Player YouTube Thumbnail

First rising to fame as a Fortnite superstar, Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad seamlessly transitioned to competing in Warzone, and continues to dominate the scene while bringing home nearly a quarter million dollars in prize money.

As his love for Fortnite faded, Aydan made the switch to Call of Duty: Warzone and quickly rose to the top of the competition, adding to his impressive winnings at the World Series of Warzone where he knocked off players like Scump and TimTheTatman on his way to the big prize.

He’s already a fan-favorite streamer, and in contention for the title of the best Warzone player in the world, but what’s his story? Here’s how Aydan went from being a Fortnite dropout to the richest player in all of Warzone.

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