Hilarious Warzone bug literally turns a player’s head into a gun

Brad Norton
Warzone gun head glitchActivision

In one of the more ridiculous Warzonze bugs you’ll ever see, a player just unknowingly used their head as a weapon, firing bullets out from their dome rather than the barrel of an actual gun.

If you’ve played Warzone at all over the past few years, you’ll know there’s never any shortage of issues. While some game-breaking bugs can leave you frustrated, others range from confusing to straight-up hilarious.

The latest bug falls into the last category as the Warzone community has been left in tears by one of the most absurd visual glitches yet.

Rather than using a gun as everyone else does, one bold player opted to use their head as a weapon instead, magically firing bullets from out of their noggin.

It was in the midst of a random April 17 match that the bizarre glitch occurred. Upon turning a corner, Reddit user ‘Meatier_Showerr’ was met with some stiff competition.

They ultimately lost the gunfight and found themselves waiting for the Resurgence redeploy to kick in. From their perspective, the enemy that just mowed them down did indeed have their head in the right place. But in the killcam, things got a bit wonky.

For whatever reason, the game decided to replace the enemy’s weapon model with the head of their Operator. This led to a ridiculous clip wherein, they essentially scored a double kill while firing live rounds from their dome.

None have been able to pinpoint what led to this hilarious issue, so there doesn’t appear to be any way of replicating it. For the time being, it might just a one in a million bug that we don’t see again anytime soon.

Warzone glitch gameplayReddit: Meatier_Showerr
There’s really no telling how Warzone bugged out like this.

Given the nature of the clip, players didn’t take it all too seriously. “It’s how hackers hide the aimbot,” one Reddit user joked in response. 

“It’s the pigtail attachment,” another added. “Best recoil control in the game, right?”

We may never know what caused this head transplant in the killcam, but it’s certainly not the first time Warzone has had issues with Operator skulls.

 Just a few weeks ago we saw headless characters tearing up Caldera, now we’ve got heads being used as weapons. The amusing terror may never end.