Hilarious Black Ops 4 Glitch Proves Helicopters Should not Fly Indoors

The Black Ops 4 Beta is live on PS4 and is a fairly smooth experience for being an older build of the game.

However, it is still a beta and there are plenty of kinks that need to worked out by the time the game launches in October.

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A streamer experienced one of those issues first hand when he tried to call in the Attack Chopper scorestreak.

The chopper was stuck inside of a room, trying to fit through a doorway that was designed for humans, not helicopters. Headphone users be warned, the streamer is not happy about his wasted streak.

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Although the Attack Chopper was grounded and rendered useless, we are certain any enemy who wandered into that room would have felt the scorestreak’s machine gun.

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The helicopter was a streak available in previous Black Ops games, known as the Attack Helicopter, and returns as the Attack Chopper for Black Ops 4.

It costs 1150 points to use and in most cases is capable of flying.

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The Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Beta is still available to play on PS4 and is coming soon to Xbox One and PC.

See if you can earn yourself an Attack Chopper that is not afraid to fly before the beta ends.

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