Hidden Warzone SMG change will make big difference to your loadouts

. 1 year ago
Warzone character running with an SMG

Warzone YouTubers have uncovered a secret change to Black Ops Cold War’s SMGs that will likely make a big difference to the way the meta shakes out.

Ever since Warzone first launched, the Call of Duty battle royale has seen some wild meta shifts. When things first started, you absolutely to use a thermal scope, but now they’re just a distant memory.

Most players still roll with a sniper or tactical rifle as their main weapon and throw in either an assault rifle or SMG as their backup gun, just to cover all bases.

However, new findings from Warzone content creator TrueGameData could have everyone hopping onto the SMG bandwagon, especially when it comes to those from Black Ops Cold War.

Warzone loadout guide
Warzone’s meta is constantly shifting with every update to the game.

Following the recent changes in Season 4, the Warzone YouTuber enlisted the help of his community to dig into the numbers and see if there were any changes not mentioned in the patch notes.

As per the YouTuber’s finding, Cold War SMGs now only have two damage profiles, with the third damage drop-off – shots from over 25 meters – being removed.

“They’re a lot like ARs now in terms of damage drop-offs,” he said, noting that while some SMGs might do slightly less damage at close-range, they’re solid elsewhere. “Some of these SMGs might make really good sniper supports now, kind of like how we were using the Milano in the previous patch.”

Fellow Warzone YouTuber BennyCentral pointed out that the changes could be bad news for meta attachments like the Gru and Agency suppressor.

The UK content creator suggested that the Sound Suppressor would be the better choice for Cold War SMGs, given the increase it gives to the sprint to fire time.

As TrueGameData also notes, this change could have happened prior to the newest patch, but at least Warzone players have got confirmation of it through the testing.

It remains to be seen just how the changes influence the battle royale’s meta, but don’t be shocked to see more Cold War SMGs being shown some love.

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