Envy owner Hastr0 reveals what type of players CoD Dallas are looking to sign

Hastr0 - Twitter / MLF

Mike ‘hastr0’ Rufail, owner and CEO of the Call of Duty franchise based in Dallas, has provided some insight as to what kinds of players the team is looking to sign for the 2020 season. 

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As the competitive Call of Duty landscape transitions in 2020 to a franchise-based model in the same vein as the Overwatch League, hastr0 is ready to get to work and put together a brand new roster for the Dallas-based team. 

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As the owner of one of the nine franchise spots in the new league, he took to Twitter to explain how they’re constructing a roster for the inaugural season.

Competitive Call of Duty will be forever changed by the new franchise system.
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“We are really trying to use as much of our experience that we gained over the years to put together the best roster possible.”

The primary focus when recruiting for the Dallas roster is to highlight players that can get along with one another, or a “a team of players that can just stay stable.”

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“I think one of the biggest issues amongst Call of Duty teams has been interpersonal team issues,” he added. 

Hastr0 assured that while in previous years, “you see a lot of mid-season drama and roster changes” because of the team dynamic, the upcoming Dallas roster will comprise of “players who we know aren’t going to get tilted by a loss.”

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Team Envyus victorious at the 2016 Call of Duty World Championship
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Alluding to the storied history of Team Envy, he asserted that “we were that team you could always expect to turn up at the world championships,” implying that the same champion-caliber roster will translate into the 2020 Call of Duty season.

With the player signing window having opened on September 3, CoD Dallas and all of the other franchises are now free to bring new talent aboard, so fans can expect a flurry of roster announcements in the coming days and weeks. 

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With a long standing history in the competitive CoD scene, hastr0 helped lead Envy to four Call of Duty World Championship Grand Finals appearances, including a first place finish in 2016.

Throughout the years, the iconic organization was ever-present on the biggest stage, especially when it came to their storied eClassico rivalry against Optic Gaming.

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While those brands won’t be present as the franchise league kicks off in 2020, nine new teams will be looking to make their mark, with several of them already teasing exciting rosters.

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Keep up with all of the roster moves and team changes all offseason via our dedicated Call of Duty League RosterMania hub.

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