Hasan labels MW2 a “war crime simulator” after playing Campaign

Hasan on his stream.Twitch.tv/HasanAbi

HasanAbi is one of the most politically involved streamers in the industry and while he’s had some fun with MW2’s campaign mode, he’s also labeled it a “war crime simulator” thanks to a few scenes with questionable ethics.

Hasan’s dive into the Modern Warfare 2 campaign has been equal parts chaotic gameplay and booming laughter. The franchise’s over-the-top nature has created several situations that the political commentator simply couldn’t resist tearing apart in the name of realism.

While the gameplay is gripping and does weave together an impressive narrative, Piker’s problems with the exaggerated nature of each mission led to him cracking several jokes at the game he called a “war crime simulator.”

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Hasan calls MW2 a “war crime simulator”

*Warning: campaign spoilers ahead

One mission sees Task Force 141 dropping into a desert area accompanied by a friendly helicopter. When his chat suggested that this level was inspired by the United States’ takeover of Osama bin Laden’s compound, Hasan instantly dismissed the idea.

“If that was the case, the helicopter in front of me would immediately explode. Everybody knows that Seal Team Six loves dropping helicopters. It’s famously their most favorite thing to do,” he joked.

Except the joke was really on him as only a few seconds after the drop the helo does get blown up by enemy defenses, which instantly sent Hasan into a fit of laughter before saying, “Okay, this game is realistic…”

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Another moment in the campaign puts the player in control of a missile that is tracking the vehicle of a rather important politician. It took a second for Piker to understand what was happening, but once it set in he tried to resist it the entire way.

“It’s making me do it…I don’t wanna do the war crime,” he yelled as he guided the explosive to its destination. “I just executed a state leader of a foreign state!”

While there are certainly some legal (and moral) quandaries at play across the entire story, it’s clear that Hasan had a good time working through the campaign even if it might not be one that he ever revisits in the future.

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