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Halo Splyce completes their Call of Duty roster by adding two S&D stars

Published: 13/Oct/2018 18:01 Updated: 13/Oct/2018 18:26

by Vincent Genova


Splyce’s dual-esport roster set to compete in both Halo and Call of Duty has announced their official lineup.

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CoD players TeddyRecKs and Ramby will join Halo pros Renegade, StelluR and Eco for the 2018/19 Call of Duty World League Season.

Although the main goal of the team is to compete in two different esports, it appears that TeddyRecKs and Ramby will not be involved in the Halo side.

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TeddyRecKs and Ramby hail from Call of Duty’s vibrant Search and Destroy community and finished in the top 16 at the most recent Call of Duty Championship.


Despite spending most of the year on the CWL’s amateur circuit, their lights-out S&D play was noticed by OpTic Gaming’s Scump.

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Splyce are the current Halo World Champions and have won the last three major tournaments, though roster size and age limit differences with the CWL forced them into making two roster moves.

Call of Duty’s new 5v5 format meant they would have to add an additional member to compete and Splyce’s Halo pro Shotzzy will not meet the CWL age requirement until 2019.

TeddyRecKs or Ramby may only be a temporary fill-in as Splyce confirmed that Shotzzy will compete as soon as he is eligible.


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Pros switching from Halo to CoD is not a new concept – Formal, Enable, Huke and now Frosty have made the switch – but few have attempted to compete in both at the same time.

If Halo Spyce is successful at qualifying for the Call of Duty World League season, they may have more organizational problems to iron out.

CWL rules prevent organizations from fielding multiple rosters in the league and Splyce already has a CoD team that looks set to qualify with Jurd, Accuracy, Temp, Loony and Aqua.

Splyce acknowledged the potential issue of having multiple successful teams, but said that “will be a good problem to have.”