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H3CZ, Scump, Nadeshot and BigTymer recall the night OpTic got swatted

Published: 12/Sep/2019 23:02 Updated: 14/Sep/2019 10:39

by Alan Bernal


The days of the OG OpTic crew were wild and unpredictable, especially on the night when players were freaking out as their house got swatted. It’s one of the greatest stories ever told on the Eavesdrop Podcast, and now HECZ has revived it in a highlight video.

Even though members from the original Greenwall are departing and going their separate ways, there’s still troves of stories which even die-hard OpTic fans haven’t heard. These tales are now years old, and since the people “are too far removed” from the incidents, and some were even highlighted in a previous podcast brought back into the spotlight by Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez.

Sitting down on with podcast host, 100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag along with Call of Duty legends Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and Will ‘BigTymeR’ Johnson opened up about the night their team house got raided.

via esportspediaFormer members had a lot to reveal about the old OpTic days.

Even though getting raided by the police was a serious matter that included “an AR-15 pointed at (Scump’s) face,” years later the story can be retold with thunderous laughter and new insights from the former OpTic members.

Some of those new details revealed why H3CZ got really nervous when he got the call that the OpTic boys got swatted.

via esportspediaThe OpTic house getting swatted in 2014 could have gone a lot worse.

“We had air mattresses, lawn chairs, a big green screen curtain blocking the sun from the main entrance,” H3CZ said. “So I’m thinking as a cop if I walk in, ‘what do you see in movies: Curtains, plastic to separate the sorting of cocaine from somewhere else.’”

Even though it was just a house filled with future legendary CoD players, H3CZ could see a lot of drug-dealing parallels that an officer of the law might draw when seeing all the “nice cars (and Nadeshot’s) M3 in the back.”

(Timestamp at 1:11 for mobile viewers)

It didn’t help their case that the boys had a lot of marijuana in the house, which didn’t get readily noticed by the cops because of a random, spur-of-the-moment cleaning from Nadeshot that lead up to “the craziest moment of (his) life.”

“The house was filthy,” Nadeshot said. “It was disgusting, and in the kitchen especially (filled with paraphernalia). And at that moment, I don’t know what compelled me to do it… I cleaned off all the counters, pushed it to the side, threw it out.”

Nadeshot had gone off to bed but warned his housemates to keep the house “clean,” and little did he know that was the night that they were going to get swatted.

While the glory days of OpTic seem well behind them, it looks like the OG members still have a lot to fill in their fans about during their time with the Greenwall.

Disclaimer: Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is a minority shareholder in Dexerto Ltd.

Call of Duty

UnRationaL’s team wins Twitch Rivals $250K Warzone Doritos Bowl: final placements

Published: 22/Jan/2021 3:40 Updated: 22/Jan/2021 3:46

by Brad Norton


UnRationaL’s team came away with the win after a controversial day of action in the $250,000 Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl event. Here’s how the five rounds of private lobby competition unfolded throughout the Grand Finals on January 21.

  • Team UnRationaL took home the lion’s share of the $250K prize pool.
  • Team Iron led the charge for most of the event, only falling short in the final round.
  • Top competitors lashed out over cheating accusations. One team disqualified from the event.

Twitch Rivals Warzone Doritos Bowl Grand Finals: Placements

$250,000 was on the line for the Twitch Rivals event, making it one of the biggest Warzone competitions of all time. After a month of delays, 49 teams were all set to drop in a fight for the best placement possible. Regardless of performance, each and every team was awarded in the end. The top Trio claimed a whopping $45,000 for their efforts while the team in last place still got $1,200.

Current Placement Team Points
1st UnRationaL, StayFinessen, Nickool 127
2nd aamerica, Med1cinee_, Royalize_ 94
3rd its_iron, OPMarked, yeet 89
4th Aydan, Blazt, Rated 83
5th zColorss, Frozone, aHTracTXII 78
6th PRAY3RS, NobuSpartan, bbreadman 75
7th BobbyPoffGaming, chun, Pieman 75
8th mrdaft, GalvanizeCOD, Enable 71
9th zSmittyTV, KriiNkz, mvriiooo 70
10th HusKerrs, JoeWo, Symfuhny 70

Twitch Rivals Warzone Doritos Bowl: Results & recap

The first custom match got off an intense start with many of the biggest names dropping out early. While a handful of fan-favorite teams made it to the top 10, it was Team Iron that took out the emphatic win. They knocked out HusKerr’s in the closing moments to secure the victory with 17 kills to their name. They immediately jumped into first place with 42 points in total.

Iron and his Trio continued their reign atop the standings through the next two rounds though the gap continued to close. UnRationaL’s team came just one point away from tying the leaders, with Frozone’s Trio falling close behind in third place.

A qualifying team closed out the victory in round four, however, things soon hit a bump in the road. The broadcast cut to a prolonged break as cheating accusations began making the rounds. Multiple players lashed out over alleged cheaters in the custom lobby.

After roughly an hour of investigations behind the scenes, METZY_B, kyrptic_j0ker, & Unifyz were disqualified from the event.

They would not be eligible for any prizing, the hosts soon confirmed. Therefore, the fifth and final map was played with one less team.

It all came down to a heated final battle though one Trio was able to cruise through to the top spot. UnRationaL, StayFinessen, and Nickool dominated in the final round, securing the first place prize and taking out the win with a 33 point lead over second place.

Twitch Rivals Warzone Doritos Bowl Finals: Invited teams & qualifiers

25 teams were invited to compete in the Twitch Rivals Warzone Doritos Bowl. From the most popular streamers to veteran competitors, all of the biggest names were dropped into the same lobby.

Alongside the invited Trios, 24 qualifying teams are also in the lobby. However, the lobby size soon shrank as one team was disqualified from the event.

Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl Teams
Tfue, Destroy, ClutchBelk
Kalei, xcudi, Pz_Blue
IceManIsaac, exzachtt, Rallied
Swagg, GD_booya, SuperEvan
TeePee, DouisRaw, Merk
Tommey, AlmxndTV, newbz
HusKerrs, JoeWo, Symfuhny
LEGIQN, babydillster, x2Pac_ThuGLorD
p90princess, ReelMason, AngelWalks
LuckyChamu, Repullze, KuyaJay
BobbyPoffGaming, chun, Pieman
aamerica, Med1cinee_, Royalize_
its_iron, OPMarked, yeet
JaredFPS, Bartonologist, RussDaddy
UnRationaL, StayFinessen, Nickool
ProblemWright, Braxtvn, stukawaki
mrdaft, GalvanizeCOD, Enable
Pamaj, Dirty, JHaZeGV
SebasBeron, FadezIV, galex
Aydan, Blazt, Rated
jordy2d, Sallyisadog, LoochyTV
ItsMeRachelG, ukforty, mnavo
1Bibby, JoshuaAlfaro, AznBoi
(DISQUALIFIED) METZY_B, kyrptic_j0ker, Unifyz
PRAY3RS, NobuSpartan, bbreadman

Twitch Rivals Warzone Doritos Bowl Finals: Format

For this major Warzone event, teams played in private lobbies, opposed to the usual kill-race format. There were 49 teams in total as every Trio battled it out in the same match.

Points were accumulated across five lobbies as placement and kills were all-important. Each elimination was worth one point and more points were awarded for a better finish. The full point structure can be seen below.

Placement Points
1st 25
2nd 20
3rd 15
4th 10
5th-7th 7
8th-10th 4
11th-15th 2
16th-20th 1