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H3CZ and Hitch debate the best snipers in OpTic Gaming history

Published: 14/Jul/2019 15:30 Updated: 14/Jul/2019 15:52

by Marcus Banks


OpTic Gaming’s Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez and Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards sparked debate on Twitter, after giving their ranking for who they believe are the best snipers to ever represent the organization.

Sniping is synonymous with professional Call of Duty teams, as many organizations rose to prominence on the basis of their montages that were uploaded to their YouTube channel.

To do this day, sniping remains one of the most an important factor in content creation, not only in CoD, and OpTic stars HECZ and Hitch debated on Twitter who was the best ever sniper to represent the Greenwall.

INFINITY WARDSniping montages were extremely popular on YouTube.

To celebrate the birthday of James ‘Spratt’ Spratt, H3CZ posted his list on Twitter, claiming the birthday boy was the best sniper in OpTic history in terms of content creation, ahead of the likes of FaZe star Austin ‘Pamaj’ Pamajewon.

The OpTic CEO listed Dashy as his number one sniper, followed by Spratt, and then himself. In H3CZ’ list, Hitch ranked above Pamaj and there was no place for FormaL, despite his achievements during his time on the team.

Eager to weigh in, Hitch himself dropped his own list, splitting into ‘content creators’ and professional players.

In terms of competitive play, the 26-year-old handed the number one spot to CS:GO professional Oscar ‘Mixwell’ Cañellas, as well as giving the edge to Luminosity Gaming star Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper over current OpTic star Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell in terms of Call of Duty.

For content creators in the team, Spratt ranked number one, followed by DTreats, Pamaj and Predator. Nadeshot also got a mention, challenging for 5th.

With H3CZ tagging the Twitter handle ‘@Whocares’ at the end of his list, self-proclaimed ’39-year-old phenom’ seemingly ran out of ideas – although missing FormaL wasn’t missed by the Luminosity player.

The OpTic founder is yet to update fans on the future of their Call of Duty roster after a set of cryptic tweets seemed to confirm they wouldn’t be competing for the recently purchased Los Angeles franchise next year.

Disclaimer: Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is a minority shareholder in Dexerto Ltd.

Call of Duty

Bizarre Black Ops Cold War exploit completely removes sprint-fire delay

Published: 29/Nov/2020 11:01

by Daniel Cleary


A strange exploit has been found with the Gung-Ho perk in Black Ops Cold War, which removes the sprint-fire delay from all weapons in-game.

As with other online multiplayer shooters, Call of Duty players, typically, have to have quick reaction speed in order to win gunfights and pick up kills against the enemy team.

While this reaction time can be difficult to improve, some players have found another way to gain an advantage over their opponents with a bug that allows you to fire the first few bullets even earlier.

Black ops characters shooting gun

This exploit was found with the Gung-Ho perk, which allows players to shoot their weapons while sprinting. The Cold War perk has been a go-to for those who love to run and gun, but this new bug completely cuts out the time it takes to start firing.

One Redditor u/b3nb0i shared this unusual glitch with the perk, revealing that, with the help of lethal equipment such as semtex, it’s possible to cancel the sprint-to-fire delay on a gun.

Usually, even with the Gung-Ho perk equipped, there is a small delay in the time it takes to straighten the weapon from the sprint position to be ready to fire.

NEW TECH: Run with a semtex and gungho to shoot without sprint-fire delay from blackopscoldwar

However, with semtex or another piece of equipment in-hand, the gun is already in a position to fire and cancels the delay, making it quite deadly in any gunfights. It is worth noting that it is not possible to ADS while using this exploit and that players would have to rely on their weapons attachments to make their shots more accurate.

While this strange exploit does require some getting used to, it could still be quite overpowered particularly on maps with short-range engagements such as Nuketown, especially as the grenade will drop if you’re taken down – like how the Martyrdom perk used to work.

As of now, it is unclear whether this was intended to be a feature in Cold War but, if it is found to be a glitch it will likely be patched by Treyarch in one of the future updates.