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H3CZ calls out Team Kaliber owner KOSDFF for calling OpTic soft

Published: 11/Apr/2021 17:32 Updated: 11/Apr/2021 17:49

by Joe Craven


Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez, owner of the OpTic Chicago CDL outfit, has hit out at Team Kaliber owner Justin ‘KOSDFF’ Chandler following his side’s elimination from the ongoing Stage II Major. 

The OpTic Chicago vs Minnesota ROKKR match on April 10 will go down as one of the craziest competitive CoD has ever seen. Going all the way to a Map 5 Round 11, OpTic somehow lost a 4v2 on the A bomb site, with ROKKR’s Accuracy picking up three kills to clutch the 1v3 and send the Greenwall packing.

After the game, the ROKKR’s official Twitter account posted an image of the OpTic players’ immediate reactions to the defeat, in which many looked visibly upset. The caption read: “We are witnessing a breakdown.” They have since deleted and apologized for the tweet.


Scump, among others, hit out at the tweet as “disrespectful” and “classless”. However, some have taken the opposite view, and believe that trash talk, even from orgs, is acceptable. KOSDFF was among the latter, tweeting a GIF of NBA legend Kobe Bryant saying “soft”.

H3CZ was quick to fire back, responding: “Y’all remember Elevate or TK? Me either, until today, where I saw that I still followed the CEO’s of those incredible orgs. Imagine being so soft that you couldn’t build a sustainable business in these harsh esports environments. COULDN’T BE ME.”

A second tweet also described his comments as “beef”, rather than “banter”.


“This is me looking at two people who don’t have a relationship with neither Scump or the Rokkr,” he said.

KOSDFF responded with a further GIF which read “surprisingly soft”, before saying “Lil baby H3CZ could never get under my skin.”

This prompted further barbs from H3CZ, who referenced a time at UMG 2014 when KOSDFF failed to stand up for his girlfriend after KEEMSTAR spilled a drink on her. The OpTic man even threatened to find the vlog footage.

KOSDFF’s TK experienced their best time during WWII, but did not purchase a spot when the league reshuffled. Elevate currently have a European CoD team competing in the CDL Challengers tier.