Gunless takes subtle jab at ex-Huntsmen teammates after being dropped

YouTube: Chicago Huntsmen

The arrival of Preston ‘Presinni’ Sanderson on the Chicago Huntsmen roster has been widely welcomed by the team and fans alike, but the move means Peirce ‘Gunless’ Hillman is no longer on the starting roster – and now he’s taken a jab at his ex-teammates.

Gunless is undoubtedly one of the most talented players in Call of Duty today. He’s a multi-time champion and frequent MVP winner, but clearly something didn’t fit right with the Huntsmen, hence his removal from the starting line-up.

Now, though, after news broke that Prestinni was officially rejoining his brother Arcitys on the Huntsmen roster, Gunless took to Twitter to respond to the messages he was receiving – including one very interesting one.

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YouTube: HECZ
Gunless has been a force to be reckoned with throughout recent years, but apparently that’s not enough.

One tweet was from NRG and Huntsmen co-CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez, who thanked Gunless for being a “stand-up dude” and that he “appreciates him as a person and a player.”

It was Gunless’ response, though, that caught the attention of fans, and doesn’t paint a good look for his former teammates.

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Thanking Hector for the tweet, Gunless added: “I appreciate you being the only one to actually have the balls to tell me what was happening to me, because that’s all I really wanted.”

Peirce hadn’t kept it a secret that nobody told him that he was being removed from the starting line-up, saying in a stream shortly after initially being benched that “not one of them had the f***ing cojones to send a text message.”

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Clearly, there is still some animosity between Gunless and the rest of the Huntsmen, as his feelings haven’t subsided in the weeks since and the sentiment remains the same.

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It’s unclear where Gunless goes from here. It doesn’t seem as though he will be filling Prestinni’s empty spot on the Florida Mutineers, but as such a well-accomplished player he will no doubt have a high stock as H3CZ and company look to find him a new home.

No matter where he ends up, though, he should present the Chicago Huntsmen with a brand-new new rivalry to contend with.

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