Greekgodx explodes with rage after dying to bizarre CoD: Warzone glitch

Brent Koepp
Twitch: Greekgodx / Infinity Ward

Twitch star Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos raged after a baffling glitch led to his hilarious demise in Call of Duty: Warzone. The Team SoloMid personality hit out at the battle royale calling it a “f**king dumb game.”

Call of Duty debuted its second entry in the battle royale genre with the release of Warzone on March 10. The free-to-play title has so far dominated on Twitch, as viewers flock to watch their favorite personalities jump into the FPS.

However during his March 18 broadcast, Greekgodx found his match coming to an abrupt end in the most ridiculous way possible. When it came down to the streamer facing off against an in-game crate, the box ended up winning.

The 2020 Call of Duty battle royale has exploded in popularity on Twitch.

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Greekgodx rages as Warzone glitch ruins match

The streamer was in the middle of playing the battle royale when he was finally able to call in his loadout – a feature where players can purchase pre-determined weapons and have them dropped into the match.

Excited, he hopped across the roof of a building and deployed his parachute to get to the crate he had summoned in. However things quickly went south when he slid into the side of the box and died.

“WHAT!? WHAAAAAT!?” he screamed into his camera. Stunned and seething with anger, he then exited out the match and exclaimed “f**king dumb game, dude!”

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While crates can kill if they land on top of a player, it appears the game glitched and mistook his slide into the side of it as the same thing. Frustrated he told his chat, “Just about to get my f**king loadout!”

Greek didn’t stay angry for very long, and started to laugh when he read messages in his chat aloud. “Died to a box. It glitched. The loadout killed you. Lost to a box!” he read.

Laughing, he exclaimed, “Ahhh dude! I got Greekboxed, man. F**k! We got f**ing Greekboxed, dude!” The TSM personality showed his sense of humor, and continued to make light of the situation.

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Warzone continues to provide viewers with ridiculous moments, and Greek’s box death is no exception. While it seemed to be a glitch, he took the whole thing in stride after the fact and found the humor in it.

The streaming star continues to kill it, having a big year on Twitch in 2019 and amassing over a million followers to his channel.