Grau becomes dominant Warzone AR again two years after Modern Warfare meta

warzone grauActivision

The Grau is back in the Warzone meta as one of the best assault rifles in the game, blowing the very best Vanguard ARs to dust as the Modern Warfare weapon becomes dominant once again.

In the earliest days of Warzone, the Grau quickly became an insanely popular pick, a dominant AR that had almost no recoil and a great damage profile that made it a nightmare to play against.

Between the integrations of Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard, however, the Grau faded into obscurity, just like the rest of the Modern Warfare weapons.

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With Warzone Pacific Season 5, the gun looks to be making a comeback, just in time for the launch of Warzone 2.

Since the update, many top players and content creators have been giving the Grau a run-out once again, and it’s actually proving to be more than just a fun throwback: it legitimately fries your opponents, and it’s so easy to use.

The gun was shown off by Warzone expert Metaphor, who was clearly impressed by it, though said the “only problem” is that the Modern Warfare optics are kind of “awkward” on the current map.

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The numbers back up Metaphor’s belief in the Grau’s strength, too. As shown on WZRanked, the Grau has actually overtaken the KG M40 as the most popular assault rifle in Warzone.

Unlike the other Modern Warfare ARs that have found more popularity in recent months, such as the Kilo 141 and M13, it boasts impressive stats too.

The gun averages around a 1.17 KD — higher than the KG — and a 3.52 win rate.

WZRanked top 10 most popular meta Warzone guns on August 26Activision
The Grau is the most popular Warzone AR after the Season 5 update.

The gun is second only to the Armaguerra 43 SMG when it comes to pick rate, which could make them the perfect combination of weapons if you’re looking to dominate across Caldera, Fortune’s Keep, or Rebirth Island.

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You can check out our best Grau loadout guide if you want to reminisce and hop straight into the game with the most lethal Grau class possible.

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