Global Last Chance Qualifier Details Released for CoD Champs 2018

Mike Kent

The full details of how teams outside of the CWL Pro League can qualify for CoD Champs 2018 was released on Thursday, June 21st.

The annual world championship has taken place towards the end of each Call of Duty title’s life cycle since Activision launched the CoD World League.

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For the second year in a row, the tournament will take place in August and outside of California with Columbus, Ohio, hosting the $1.5 million competition.

In total there will be 32 teams in attendance to compete for the title of world champions, and they’ll play through a round robin group stage, followed by a double elimination bracket.

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The first 16 teams have already qualified via the CWL Pro League, and the final 16 will book a spot via the Last Chance Qualifier.

In previous years there has been regional qualifiers in Europe, North America, and APAC, but for 2018 that’s all changed with one global qualifier.

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Taking place between July 24th and 25th in Columbus, Ohio, 32 teams will fight through a double elimination bracket, with half of the teams qualifying.

In total there will be 14 teams invited from North America based on Pro Points, seven from Europe and one from APAC. On top of that, the winners of Stage 4 of the USA, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Australia National Circuit competitions will also qualify.

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The final two teams will be made up of the Stage Two winners of the Brazilian and Mexican National Circuit.

The full post by the CWL from Reddit can be found below.

CoD Champs 2018 Last Chance Qualifier Information

We’ve got two short months until the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championship, presented by PlayStation 4! With our sixth and final Global Open behind us, we thought it would be a good time to go over some CWL Champs Last Chance Qualifiers info.

Who has already qualified for CWL Champs?

All 16 of your teams in Stage 2 of the CWL Pro League have already qualified. They’ll be drawn into groups based on their Stage 2 placings.

Who else will qualify for CWL Champs?

The other 16 teams will be found through our 32-team CWL Champs Last Chance Qualifier event, taking place before Stage 2 Playoffs in Columbus, Ohio at the MLG Arena (July 24-25). All matches for the LCQ event will be played on LAN.

Who will be invited to the Last Chance Qualifier?

Ten teams will be invited via the CWL National Circuit:

  • Stage 2 winners of the Mexico and Brazil pilot regions
  • Stage 4 winners of our National Circuit leagues (USA, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia)

22 teams based on cumulative CWL Pro Points earned will also be invited:

  • 14 NA teams
  • 7 EU teams
  • 1 APAC team

If a National Circuit team wins the National Circuit Stage 4 Playoff, that team will earn entry into the CWL Last Chance Qualifier. In order to ensure placing, that team MUST register with the same Roster that played in the National Circuit Playoff. If the team chooses not to register with the same roster, or declines the opportunity to participate, the spot will be given to the next highest team in CWL Pro Points from the respective Region and the National Circuit Playoff Winner’s spot will not be guaranteed. Following registration, if a Team chooses not to participate or is unable to participate in the Tournament and notifies the Administration prior to the start of the Tournament, the Administration reserves the right to replace the Team with a Team of their choice.

My team has enough Pro Points. Where should we sign up?

Links for sign-ups are here:

When do sign-ups close?

July 16, 6pm ET

Will travel and accommodations be covered for teams that are invited to the LCQ?

Yes. All 32 LCQ teams will receive travel and accommodations.

What is the tournament format of the LCQ?

The Last Chance Qualifier will be a 32 team, double-elimination bracket. The tournament will end once we have 8 teams in winners and 8 teams in losers. In essence, win two before you lose two.

Will the LCQ be broadcast?

Yes, more info to come.