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Ghost’s new finisher in Modern Warfare can actually lead to your death

Published: 13/Feb/2020 4:38 Updated: 13/Feb/2020 6:20

by Brad Norton


While Ghost has finally returned to the Call of Duty franchise, his new appearance in Modern Warfare is leaving players frustrated due to an awkward Finishing Move animation.

Modern Warfare’s major Season 2 update implemented brand new maps, playlists, and even brought back fan-favorite character Ghost as a new Operator.

Despite the fanfare surrounding the fresh content drop however, it turns out that players are having a difficult time when going for finishers with the returning icon.

IInfinity Ward
Ghost was a member of Task Force 141 along with Soap and Price.

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Making his first appearance in a Call of Duty title since he was brutally killed off in 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 campaign, Ghost has returned to the fray as a new Operator in Season 2 of Modern Warfare.


While fans had been clamoring to play as the iconic figure, the new unlock has left a number of players in a state of rage due to his new Finishing Move animation.

Rather than simply taken an enemy out from behind like most finishers, Ghost instead stabs an enemy in the back before sliding in front to land a lethal blow. This slide is the root of the issue, as the movement can actually cost you your life.

For instance, Reddit user ‘TheKewball’ was midway through a match on the Rust remake when disaster struck from the highest point of the map.


When you go to do your first Finsisher on rust with ghost.. from modernwarfare

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Not the only player who has accidentally fallen to their demise on Rust, the issue seems to be occurring a great deal across a wide variety of maps.

Adding insult to injury, perhaps the most significant downside of the faulty animation is that enemies can actually survive. Despite the initial knife to the back, if the secondary shot isn’t fired, players are able to carry on with their business while Ghost falls off the high-ground. 

Reddit user ‘OnePrblm’ showcased another instance of the animation coming to an abrupt end, however, both Ghost and his target were able to survive the fall. While they eventually gunned down their opponent anyways, it goes to show that you can’t always rely on the new Finishing Move.


The Problem with Ghosts Finishing Move… from modernwarfare

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Seemingly working as intended, Infinity Ward likely won’t issue a patch to change the new animation. Rather, players will simply have to adapt and learn when not to go for the stylish killing blow.

Next time an opposing Ghost creeps up on you from behind, let’s hope that you were standing close to an edge.