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Genius Heartbeat Sensor nerf could fix Warzone’s camping problem

Published: 19/Oct/2021 17:37

by Jacob Hale


Warzone players are always looking for ways to counter the frustrating campers they come up against in every game, and this Heartbeat Sensor nerf could do the trick.

Camping has always been an issue in Call of Duty, and always will be, but this becomes significantly more annoying when it’s in a battle royale setting.

Players have come up with several ways to counter campers, including a new Field Upgrade concept and possible new equipment additions that could help scale buildings to attack campers much quicker.

That said, despite suggestions from the community, eradicating the camping problem is nigh-on impossible — but that doesn’t mean some players aren’t still focused on finding ways to at least make campers’ lives harder.


Player lying in the grass in Warzone.
Campers will be forced to change their strats with this…

While Heartbeat Sensors are incredibly helpful when it comes to pushing campers, they’re possibly even handier for campers simply trying to hold a building or area. They can simply go prone, pitch up, and hold the Sensor in any direction, waiting for enemy attacks.

In steps XIDan1, who has come up with a genius concept to help nerf Heartbeat Sensors and make camping buildings a harder, more scary affair.

Posting to Reddit, Dan suggests Heartbeat Sensors having a battery life with a limited number of uses — in this example, around 10 before depleting the battery, forcing players to be much more strategic with their Sensor and using it only when it feels completely necessary, such as pushing a rooftop camper.


If this happened, there could also be ripples throughout the rest of the Warzone meta. For example, will players be less likely to pick the crutch Ghost perk if they know Heartbeat Sensors won’t be as consistently spammed across Verdansk?

Dan suggests that should the Heartbeat Sensor run out of scans eventually, you can ‘resupply’ it with an Ammunition Box, which would at least make sure they’re not completely rendered useless after a few uses.

As some players point out, this isn’t the perfect concept, as it could help campers in some instances, but it’s certainly one way that devs Raven Software could look at when it comes to halting the camping problem.