Gaming insider drops major hint on potential MW4 reveal date

Fans of Call of Duty have been eagerly waiting for news about Modern Warfare 4, and it looks like a reveal could be coming soon. 

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While the 2019 installment of the Call of Duty series has not yet been confirmed yet, the multitude of leaks and rumors that have surfaced over the past few months strongly suggest that it will be Modern Warfare 4.

Still, with the end of May fast approaching, fans have been getting restless about the lack of any formal announcement or reveal about the next game.

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With several prominent CoD YouTubers having been invited to Activision’s studios in Los Angeles, many expected the reveal to have taken place on Thursday, May 16, but instead were given an in-depth look at the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile game.

However, a gaming industry insider appears to have revealed that the game could be officially announced and revealed as early as shortly after next week.

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In the screenshot above, insider ‘Shinobi602’ can be seen saying that the press is expected to get a look at the game “next week,” which would be the week of May 20.

The actual reveal of the game to the public should come in the “near future,” according to the insider, which could end up taking place before the end of May. 

While there’s always the chance that this insider’s information could end up being inaccurate, but his reports seem to make sense, considering that no CoD game has ever been first revealed later than in May.

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Shinobi does have some credibility to his name, having been an industry insider for several years and has amassed numerous relationships with developers back when NeoGAF was popular.

Call of DutyIs Modern Warfare 4 going to be the next Call of Duty?

CoD 2019 – What we know so far

There are a lot of signs pointing to the reveal of Modern Warfare 4, the most recent one being the supposed trip Call of Duty YouTubers took to Activision to preview the new game. Tom ‘Syndicate‘ Cassell took a trip to California that he couldn’t go in-depth about, but many fans instantly assumed it was to Activision.

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It’s actually not even confirmed to be Modern Warfare 4 but that has been what all of the signs have been pointing to about CoD 2019.

An ex-Infinity Ward developer seemingly confirmed it was going to be a Modern Warfare title by telling a Twitter user to buy brown pants after the user said he’s shit himself if the next game was MW4.

With all of these rumors out there, it would be surprising to not hear anything soon. In the meantime, all we can do is wait for the inevitable announcement of what the future of Call of Duty looks like.

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