Gameplay of unreleased sniper rifle leaked in Modern Warfare & Warzone

Infinity Ward

Footage from a brand new weapon in Modern Warfare and Warzone, the R700 sniper rifle, has leaked thanks to Twitter user BKTOOR, after the new Season 5 Reloaded update was released.

Ever since the start of Modern Warfare’s post-launch content season, fans have been clamoring for a new sniper rifle to be added to the game. Given that there was only three when the game launched, it seemed like a logical choice for a long time.

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Infinity Ward ended up obliging to demands during Season 4 with the release of the Rytec AMR and while fans seemed to be relatively content with the addition in the months that followed, it seems like the developer isn’t quite done with new longer-range rifles.

Twitter user and COD leaker BKTOOR has released some footage of a new weapon called the R700. That name may sound familiar to Call of Duty 4 fans, as it was one of the game’s more popular snipers alongside the M40A3.

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The footage itself is a bit basic, but a lot more complete than the incomplete gameplay that was leaked earlier in August.

The weapon doesn’t seem to have any reloading or rechambering sounds attached to it yet. It’s also worth pointing out that it doesn’t seem to have a scope attached to it, meaning the weapon could ultimately be released in the “Marksman Rifle” category in-game, rather than the “Sniper Rifle”.

Whatever category it gets released it, it’ll be interesting to see if it’s a part of the upcoming Season 6. Recently, text referencing the AA-12 shotgun was also found in-game, meaning it’s possible that that, alongside this new rifle, would be added next season, since each one always starts with two new weapons.

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Infinity WardThe R700 as it was seen in Modern Warfare Remastered.

There is, of course, the chance that it doesn’t end up making it live servers for a while; for example, gameplay of the recently-released ISO SMG was found and leaked all the way back in November, but it wasn’t added until Season 5.

In fact, this isn’t even the first gameplay of this particular weapon; the same dataminer, BKTOOR, released footage of the R700 earlier in August, albeit the video looks a lot less complete than this latest one.

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There’s also the question of how powerful the weapon this sniper will be. Post-launch weapons in Modern Warfare are known to be a bit overpowered when compared to the ones in the base game, with then Bruen MK9 LMG and Grau assault rifle being two significant examples.

Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see, since we won’t even know for sure whether or not the R700 is on its way until Infinity Ward and Activision officially announce it.

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