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Game-breaking Warzone subway exploit gives easy wins in Season 6

Published: 30/Sep/2020 0:40

by Tanner Pierce


A new game-breaking bug has been discovered in Warzone after the Season 6 update that essentially allows players to get free and easy wins by exploiting an issue with the new subway system, called Metro.

When Season 6 launched for Warzone earlier today, it promised to bring a brand new fast-travel system to the game in the form of the Metro subway line. The system allows players to easily move between certain parts of the map as quickly as possible without having to physically run or drive there.

The addition has been lauded by the community for being a positive change to the way the game functions; now, after its launch, it appears that it could be doing more harm than good.


A new bug discovered by player ‘Doyley44’ allows some players to get an easy win and essentially cheat death by exploiting the new subway line.

Subway trains aren’t supposed to be moving if they are inside of the circle but for some reason, they are.

Apparently, if you’re on the train while it’s “entering” or “leaving” the station while also being inside the circle, you’ll be immune to the effects of the gas for some reason.

This also means during those fast-travel animations, you can auto-heal, so whatever damage you take will be replenished.

“Basically, if you get into the subway and are in the gas, the cut scene to take you to the next station is too short and it resets before your health goes all the way down,” the player explained to Dexerto.


Needless to say, this is an unintended function of the new subway system, because Infinity Ward made it clear that the cars will not move if the next stop is in the gas or if there’s any fighting happening on the platform.

What this means is that if you and a team play your cards right, you’ll stay alive in the gas and heal each other if need be until everyone else in the lobby dies.

At the time of writing, Infinity Ward has yet to acknowledge the presence of this issue and how much it’s actually affecting matches. That said, if it continues to be exploited to the point where a lot of players are doing it, there will likely be enough complaints from the community where the devs will be made aware of what’s going on.