Game-breaking Warzone plane glitch drops players under the map

Drop-planes in WarzoneActivision

A Call of Duty: Warzone player has discovered a bug that causes the game’s drop-plane to glitch through Falcon’s Peak and under the map.

Dropping from an aircraft has become a staple for the battle royale genre. Taking place at the beginning of the match, you can strategize with your teammates about where you’ll be setting up shop to start the battle.

If chosen wisely, a well-thought-out drop-zone can potentially help you gain the upper hand by parachuting to a locale with incredible loot. Well, if you’re able to choose at all.

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One Warzone player discovered a drop-plane bug that transported them to a more corrupt and unfamiliar version of Falcon’s Peak.

Falcon’s Peak in Call of Duty WarzoneActivision
Falcon’s Peak generally holds some incredible loot, but with the drop-plane glitch things get weird.

Warzone player discovers drop-plane exploit

On April 21, 2022, Redditor ikereredik posted a video that showed the strange drop-plane bug in all its glory.

The player captioned the 1-minute clip, saying: “I don’t know if this is a common bug…” as he and his teammates flew across the map towards Falcon’s Peak.

As the plane approaches the mountains head-on, the team stays inside the plane. Instead of meeting a very intense and graphic fiery demise, the aircraft phases through it and transports the trio under the map.

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Once the player sees the glitch, they jump out of the plane and into an altered version of Falcon’s peak, teeming with corruption. After parachuting into the unknown, the player lands in a cloudy-colored prison that has a truck floating above them.

The screen briefly flashes white as the colors around the combatant shift between grey and white.

People began commenting on the drop-plane glitch and offering their insights on the strange phenomenon, with one person saying: “I was hoping that the plane would explode on impact, but this is more intriguing.”

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Another chimed in with a theory explaining how this exploit came to be and what it could mean for Warzone, saying: “I heard a youtuber speculating that Peak would be modified, and the plane flight height would be lower as a result, hence this glitch that has happened to a few people already.”

“We already know Peak is getting a new look, but from the photos doesn’t look like is gonna be shorter, so maybe is just a bug with no explanation. Also, did you just discovered the extraction truck hidden below the map? nice!”

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While this issue could be pointing toward potential content coming to Warzone, Raven Software would still need to address this game-breaking issue relatively soon.