Warzone devs respond to broken insta-kill Famas shotgun loadout

. 2 years ago
Warzone Season 5 gameplay
Infinity Ward

Warzone Season 5 may have introduced the most powerful gun in the battle royale’s short history as players have begun to realize the true potential of a ridiculous new FR 5.56 loadout.

Burst weapons have rarely had their time in the spotlight throughout Call of Duty history. Warzone has proven no different as players often go for fast-firing SMGs or devastating LMGs instead. However, there’s a new tactic that’s quickly changing that tune.

The FR 5.56 Assault Rifle has been available for quite some time but never truly found its footing. With the likes of the Grau and the M4A1 dominating the meta, there was no reason to swap off for something new. However, a devastating loadout for the burst rifle could be your go-to class until a new patch is deployed.

While the standard use of the weapon is decent, it won’t help you secure a victory. It’s the underbarrel attachment that appears broken in the Season 5 update. Here’s how players are using the gun for instant-kills in Warzone.

Underbarrel shotguns can be attached to most ARs in Modern Warfare. They provide an alternate means of fire when enemies get a little too close for comfort. Typically, it’ll take a few shots to blast an enemy from close range with the underbarrel. But, on the FR 5.56, this damage is seemingly amplified a ridiculous amount.

Opponents with full health and three armor plates in Warzone can be killed in a single shot with this combination. It’s as powerful as a perfect sniper headshot or a rocket with pinpoint accuracy, yet you can continue firing multiple times without needing to reload.

From up to 15 meters, this attachment can insta-kill anyone in Warzone, according to tests from popular YouTuber ‘TheXclusiveAce.’

“I don’t think there’s any way this was intentional,” he said after reviewing the weapon. His assumption is that Season 5 improved the range for the base FR 5.56, and that buff has carried over to the underbarrel as well.

Players have already been rushing to use the weapon in its broken state. From prominent streamers to competitive veterans, the loadout is already leaving its mark across Verdansk. It even featured heavily in FaZe Swagg’s Summer Invitational event. HusKerrs was able to close out five rapid kills with only five shots to secure an early lead in the competition.

Infinity Ward respond to Famas glitch

Infinity Ward has addressed the issue but not yet provided a clear indication of when it will be fixed. The range on the underbarrel should be decreased back to its former state and the FR 5.56 will likely fall back down the rankings once again.

For now though, be on the lookout for enemies trying to get a little closer than usual with an AR equipped. Your entire run might come to an end in a matter of seconds.

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