Game-breaking Warzone audio bug is punishing players for getting kills

Game-breaking Warzone audio bug is punishing players for getting killsActivision

The best Warzone players take advantage of audio queues to help take down enemies and pick up victories, but a new bug is preventing players from hearing after getting kills. 

Warzone Pacific was released on December 8, and since then there have been many issues with the game.

JGOD and others have called out the devs for taking a vacation while the game is infested with glitches.

One big issue that has risen is penalizing players for getting kills on Caldera and making it nearly impossible to use a headset.

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warzone operators aiming gunsActivision
Warzone players are running into an audio glitch that is preventing them from hearing.

Warzone audio bug is ruining matches

Audio has always been a huge part of Call of Duty, as players can hear where bullets are and what direction people are coming from.

However, a Reddit post by ‘Putridzzz’ has the attention of the community, as they are one of many that are noticing a huge disadvantage after getting a kill in Warzone.

People are reporting that after they eliminate an enemy, they can no longer hear anything for the rest of the game. People described it as being “muffled and suppressed.”

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One Redditor said, “Happened to me and I got a new controller and had my headphones plugged in and thought it was the audio jack messed up.”

Multiple players have gone on to say this has lasted for the rest of the match, but one player thinks they have a solution. “You need to stun or flash yourself to fix it in-game.”

Other Warzone players said this worked but not every time. So for now, if your audio gets muffled, you may need to get a loadout with a stun and throw it right at the ground to fix this problem.

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