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Call of Duty

Game-breaking Blackout glitch is ruining specialist weapons on Xbox

Published: 22/Apr/2019 15:38

by Connor Bennett


A new, game-breaking glitch is affecting Call of Duty: Blackout players who choose to wield different specialist weapons on the new Alcatraz map.

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Treyarch deployed the new Alcatraz map and mode at the beginning of April, adding new life to the Blackout battle royale portion of Black Ops 4.

However, problems with game-breaking bugs still remain and are majorly affecting players to the point where they are unable to play matches as normal as should be possible.

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Alcatraz specialist weapons glitch

In a post to the Black Ops 4 subreddit, user Hey_its_Iceman, showcased their video of the newly discovered issue that has players fully focused on the ground rather than their opponents.


While wielding the Sparrow bow, Hey_its_Iceman has their view firmly shifted to the floor. The player attempted to respawn themselves in a bid to address the issue but it only seemed to get worse.

After the first respawn, the user was still left looking at the ground. Yet, after the second attempt, Hey_its_Iceman was still looking towards the floor but had their view shifted a few meters upwards – giving them an out-of-body experience as they could see their character model without a head.

I Thought I Could Fix This Bug on Alcatraz By Myself. My Gawd Was I So Wrong. from r/Blackops4

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Not just a rare error

Other Reddit users shared their stories of similar misfortunes with the locked to the floor view glitch – pointing out that it may have something to do with the specialist weapons.


“I had this happen to me too. Was all set up, just got the sparrow, changed to my other weapon then that glitch happened. I thought my controller had broke but nope its the game – you can’t fix it. I just had to quit, you can’t do anything,” commented TimeLordAlex.

Another was surprised to see that the issue was happening to others, adding: “This happened to my friend in a game of Alcatraz the other day too. Thought it was a one in a million glitch on his Xbox, surprised to see it’s a real issue.”

The Call of Duty developer has already added plenty of new content to their spin on the battle genre yet. However, Blackout is still seemingly plagued with bugs – despite the team stating that they are working on addressing at least some of them, especially in regards to Alcatraz.


Yet, it remains to be seen if Treyarch deploys a fix for this specific issue at any point. Considering affected players have all reported that they are on Xbox, the developer may just focus solely on this particular console rather than also updating its PlayStation and PC counterparts.