Game-breaking god mode in Warzone gives unlimited health

Jacob Hale

Many Warzone players have been complaining about hackers and glitches running rampant in the Call of Duty battle royale title – but now players are literally going God mode with unlimited health, and victims are losing their mind.

While Warzone has been huge for the Call of Duty and wider communities, with tens of millions of players getting involved in the action including some of the top streamers in the world, there has been one common complaint from players: hackers.

Though we can’t be certain that this isn’t just a glitch that is randomly affecting players, there is no doubt that it is literally game-breaking, and can ruin someone’s experience if they come up against someone that is unkillable.

Despite how popular Warzone has become, players still have complaints about certain aspects – particularly the cheaters.

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Given how many players have been affected by hackers with aimbots and other similar cheats, clips such as the below, posted by Lance Pitcher on Twitter, will definitely raise some eyebrows.

As you can see, despite his entire squad laying relentless fire onto their enemy, Lance is unable to down the opposition player.

Even after performing an assassination move on them – which seemed to be the finish needed to take them down – the enemy simply stood back up and took out Pitcher and his teammate, seemingly unphased by the ordeal.

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Naturally, as anyone would be, Pitcher was clearly heated by the exchange and joins one of the many names in the CoD community imploring developers Infinity Ward to do something about the rampant hackers abusing the game in such a way.

Call of Duty League commentator Clint ‘Maven’ Evans has been one of the more outspoken players calling out hackers, who has posted clips of his being attacked by aimbotters while playing.

Meanwhile, OpTic Gaming Los Angeles general manager Eric ‘Muddawg’ Sanders compiled some of the greatest clips of a hacker he found in a single game, with the cheater racking up 48 kills on his way to a big win in Verdansk.

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While it’s not easy to verify the source of this issue – whether it is indeed a hacker or simply a glitch with which he somehow got lucky – there is no doubt that Infinity Ward will attempt to find a fix for this as soon as is feasibly possible.

It’s not the first game to be targeted by hackers, but IW will want to do right by their player base and find a fix for this before it drives people away from the game.