Frustrated Warzone players hit out at Welgun’s bizarre audio issues

an image of the welgun in warzoneActivision

Warzone’s issues are seemingly infinite, as now for some players, audio issues causing the Welgun to sound extremely bizarre. 

As Warzone players dig deeper into the depths of Caldera, unfortunately, persistent issues keep hindering their experience. The severity of glitches is growing in size as the battle royale looks like something from Roblox and even has a building mislabeled on the map.

One player has come across an incredibly strange bug is not only ruining the Welgun, but playing tricks with their audio.

Welgun Warzone loadoutTreyarch/Activision
The Welgun arrived in Warzone shortly after Vanguard’s launch.

“Bugged” Welgun audio is truly strange

Redditor ChoiceBurrito69 found themselves completely stumped on Rebirth Island, due to the Welgun’s audio projecting incorrectly. Fired by a member of his squad, who was in another location, it appeared as if the Welgun was audibly firing behind the player.

Clearly confused by the fright of gunfire, the player looked around to survey his surroundings but found no enemy in sight. However, another element that is very peculiar is the brief appearance of bullet trails/muzzle flash on the floor at 7 seconds, despite no indication of enemy fire.

Fellow players are equally as confused as ChoiceBurrito69 too. Redditor Sup3rB000t3r said: “The Welgun is so bugged. The barrel is invisible when I used it.”


Another Redditor was quick to respond in regards to the disappointing power of the weapon itself: “Yeah the barrel that’s supposed to improve range is nonexistent.”

The oddly specific glitch hasn’t just caused chaos for ChoiceBurrito69 either, as another frustrated player chimed in: “You have no clue how often I almost s**t myself because I thought an enemy was right on top of me.”

It seems the Welgun has more than its fair share of audio issues outside of this instance, as one player said the “same thing happens to me but a Molotov, like I hear the Molotov all game it’s mad loud.” Redditor drayray98 claimed that his Welgun “doesn’t have any reload sounds.”

This is definitely one of Warzone’s strangest bugs yet, but who knows if and when it may get addressed.