Frustrated Warzone players demand even more changes to Gas Mask animation


Warzone Pacific changed many basic features in the battle royale, but players are still demanding more revisions to be made to the annoying Gas Mask animation. 

When the new Warzone season started, the devs made what players thought would be a massive change to Gas Masks.

This change said it would, “Now wait for reloading, Armor Plate insertion, or Grenade throwing animations to complete.”

However, players are starting to realize that this update didn’t make the Gas Mask less annoying and is frustrating players are it continues to go on and off.

Gas Mask WarzoneInfinity Ward
The Gas Mask prevent players from taking damage from the toxic air.

Warzone players want Gas Mask toggle option

In a Reddit post by ‘FallingSolstice’ this player shows a clip of them in the later stage of a match and struggling to shoot their weapon due to the mask animation.

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You can see that in the span of about 10 seconds the mask goes off and on three different times, causing the player to lose out on accuracy.

This has them and others wanting a toggle option for the protective piece of equipment. “They could easily make it your choice whether you want a manual or automatic gas mask.”

The proposed change would make it that players can pick to automatically put the mask on when in the gas or have to press a button to put it on so you can control when the animation occurs.

Call of Duty Warzone Gulag Gas Bug Season 4 Reloaded FinalActivision / Raven Software
A toggle option for the Gas Mask would allow players to pick when to equip the item and avoid the animation getting in the middle of a fight.

Warzone players are looking back at the patch when the Gas Mask update came out and they said this change is aiming to “provide more control around the mask.”

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If the devs truly want players to have more control then the community believes that a toggle option would be the best improvement for the item.