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Freaky Vanguard glitch turns players into floating bodies that can’t be killed

Published: 28/Jan/2022 11:50

by Andrew Highton


An insane Call of Duty: Vanguard glitch is making it so that players can effectively become dead bodies that can’t be stopped and can roam around freely and complete objectives unscathed.

The latest glitch in Vanguard is a humdinger and one we’ve never seen before. The game’s most recent, major disturbance was Warzone’s infamous gun glitch infiltrating the game and messing around with maps.

Now, it’s the turn of a new glitch that is causing corpses to behave rather unusually. Instead of being dead in the traditional sense, bodies are randomly gliding around Vanguard’s maps, completely immune to damage, but are still capable of capturing objectives.


cod beatrice operator
Beatrice is one of many that are becoming the floating dead.

It’s definitely not a one-off instance either as at least two Reddit users have revealed their run-ins with this extremely bizarre glitch.

One player asked “Anybody witness this yet?” and shared a video of them trying to capture the Patrol when they suddenly encountered not one, but two floating bodies.

In the first couple of seconds, you can clearly see an allied body zoom straight past them on the floor. But before that can properly register with the confused player, the Patrol zone was suddenly being contested. It’s another floating body, this time an enemy one.

The player fired at the living corpse, but they seemed to be impervious to any damage.


Reddit user u/thisISben90 also had the same experience with a post titled: “The best glitch I’ve come across. It also makes [you] invulnerable.”

Once again, a game of Vanguard became overrun by lots of free-roaming corpses that all have their player IDs displayed above their heads to signify they are still very much active.

It’s hard to say what is causing this to happen though. At the beginning of the second clip, a player is just effortlessly bonked on the head and it registers as a kill, but we can’t say for certain that it turned them into one of these invincible dead bodies.