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Fortnite pro Aydan defeats Scump’s team to win another Code Red CoD event

Published: 8/Jan/2020 11:09 Updated: 8/Jan/2020 11:16

by Calum Patterson


Fortnite pro Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad, SnD star John ‘2Pac_ThuGLorD’ Hartley and streamer HollyLive to take down the trio of Scump, Crowder and Summit1g in Hitch’s Birthday Bot Bash tournament.

The 4th annual Birthday Bot Bash saw lots of popular content creators mix with pro players for a shot at the $10k prize pool. With pro player Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and former pro James ‘Crowder’ Crowder on the same team, they were big favorites.

They were also joined by streamer Jared ‘summit1g‘ Lazar, who, despite being more known as an entertainer, is a competent FPS player. He even previously competed in CS:GO – before it all came burning down.

However, the favorites met their match when facing the notoriously good Search and Destroy player 2Pac_ThuGLorD and his teammate, Fortnite pro Aydan. In fact, for this formidable duo, it’s not the first time they’ve beaten out top CoD pros.

They teamed up in the $10,000 2v2 Code Red tournament on November 26, and beat a host of CoD pros including Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow, Sam ‘Octane’ Larew, Josiah ‘Slacked’ Berry and Thomas ‘TJHaLy’ Haly to take first place.

The bot tournament, thrown by TST and NRG member Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards, fills teams of three with a bot player as their 4th, all in the name of good fun. The bots can sometimes even do the impossible – such as turning on Scump.

Ghost Gaming player Aydan believes he may in fact now have the most Code Red tournament wins of any content creator. It’s yet another victory in a game he’s got no business winning in, especially against top pro players.

2Pac_ThuGLord has also been one of the most successful online tournament players for a number of years and now acts as an analyst for the Chicago Huntsmen in the Call of Duty League. Holly is a longtime CoD player too and has no doubt learned from the best thanks to her husband’s decorated career.

Even with Crowder, the head coach of Atlanta FaZe and a 2015 World Champion, and his strategy, it wasn’t enough for Scump to overcome the Fortnite pro and SnD phenom. Aydan, 2Pac and Holly had to beat them in two best of 3’s, first in the winner’s final, and again in the grand final.

Other big names in the event included streamer Dr Disrespect, pro player Matthew “FormaL’ Piper, former pro and world champion Tyler ‘TeePee’ Polchow, and former OpTic CEO H3CZ.

The tournament also shone the spotlight on some rising stars, such as CoD streamer and aspiring pro player Nicholas ‘Equuip’ Viera, who played alongside CWL desk host Katie Bedford.

Hitch’s Birthday Bot Bash – Final Placements

Place Team
1st Aydan, 2Pac_ThuGLorD, HollyLive
2nd Scump, Crowder, summit1g
3rd Hitch, Jorge, Blake
4th Swagg, Pamaj, KoreanSavage
5-6th Equuip, Moo, Katie Bedford
5-6th TeePee, Maven, MerK
7-8th DrDisrespect, FormaL, Symfuhny
7-8th TBNRKenworth, NateGibson, Trogan
9-12th H3CZ, Hutch, Di3seL
9-12th LuLuLovely, AvaGG, Emiliaa
9-12th JERICHO, Keiti, ActaBunniFooFoo
9-12th Testyment, Acrn, SoaRRymm
13-16th I AM WILDCAT, BasicallyIDoWrk, LEGIQN
13-16th Bloo, Kitty, Devin
13-16th Classify, Mako, Froste
13-16th Scope, Emzy, ChiefzLive
Call of Duty

How to get Streetsweeper shotgun in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

Published: 7/Jan/2021 23:27

by Tanner Pierce


After being originally leaked in Warzone a few weeks back, the full-auto Streetsweeper shotgun is finally officially live within Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and can be earned via in-game challenges. Here’s what you need to know to get the new gun in your hands.

Toward the beginning of BOCW Season 1, players got a chance to use the new Streetsweeper shotgun before it was supposed to be made available in-game. Luckily, the developers quickly found out and patched it quickly before disrupting the meta and launch plans too much.

Now, the shotgun is finally available for use officially within both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Like most weapons that get added to the game during the middle of the season, players can unlock the weapon either by doing challenges or through a bundle in the store. Here are all the details for both.

In order to unlock the Streetsweeper, players will have to get a 3 killstreak with shotguns in 15 different matches.

How to unlock the Streetsweeper for free

If you want to go the free route, you’ll have to complete some in-game challenges before you can unlock the shotgun for use in both games, as it’s not available via the battle pass, unlike the Mac-10 and Groza.

While the challenge in-and-of itself is hard to complete within Warzone, it’s pretty easy to do within Black Ops Cold War, although it’s worth noting that it can be completed in both.

  1. Open up either Black Ops Cold War multiplayer or Warzone
  2. Start a match and get a three killstreak with a Black Ops shotgun (Gallo SA12 or Hauer 77)
  3. Either finish the match or leave the match
  4. Repeat this processes 15 different times
  5. The weapon should be available to select in your create-a-class

If you don’t want to spend the time unlocking the weapon for free and just have some COD Points lying around, you can buy a variant of it from the store and have it unlocked immediately.

If you don’t want to unlock the shotgun via challenges, you can buy a bundle in the in-game store.

The pack itself is called the Shock Value bundle and includes a special variant of the Streetsweeper with a bunch of attachments, alongside a weapon charm, emblem and more. The pack itself costs 1,200 COD Points, so you’ll have to spend over $10 if you don’t have any in your inventory.

That being said, for the ability to get it right out of the gate, especially for a low price, it might be worth it for you. It’ll be interesting to see just how much the weapon changes the meta for both games going forward.