Former Fariko Impact Roster Almost Reunited for the 2018 CoD Champs

Damon “Karma” Barlow, Adam “KiLLa” Sloss, Marcus “MiRx” Carter and an unknown fourth had plans to reunite for the Last Chance Qualifiers and possibly the Call of Duty Championships.

The trio of veteran pros previously teamed under the organization Fariko Impact and were one of the most successful teams of early competitive CoD, winning four straight events in Black Ops 2.

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While tweeting about his regrets of sitting out the remainder of the WW2 season after being dropped by OpTic Gaming, Karma responded to a fan who suggested the Impact line up make one last run.

Of course, the reunion could not happen as KiLLa was banned in April for secretly playing matches with a Canadian National Circuit team.

MiRx and Christopher “Parasite” Duarte, who was presumably left out of the reunion due to contractual obligations with Ghost Gaming, joined Karma and KiLLa on Fariko Impact in March of 2013 for the MLG Winter Championships in Black Ops 2.

Impact would go on to win the event and follow it up with a second straight victory at EGL Blackpool.

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Black Ops 2 would feature the first ever Call of Duty World Championship and a number of current top pros were in the field, but it was Fariko Impact winning first place and the $400,000 dollar prize by defeating a JKap led EnVy squad in the Grand Finals.

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While Karma and crew will not play competitive again in WW2, all three – and potentially Parasite – will be free agents eligible for Black Ops 4 in the fall.