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Former Caster CouRage Makes Surprise Return to the Analyst Desk at CWL Anaheim

Published: 17/Jun/2018 1:01 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 15:50

by Calum Patterson


Former Call of Duty caster Jack “CouRage” Dunlop made a surprise return to the analyst’s desk at CWL Anaheim, his first appearance at a CWL event since leaving MLG earlier this year.

CouRage was a fan favorite caster and analyst, working full time with MLG for many years, but decided to step away from casting and work on YouTube and livestreaming, building his personal brand.

He did say at the time of leaving that he planned on still being around the community and attending events, but didn’t say whether he would ever return to the desk officially.

He has certainly enjoyed his time since moving on as well, gaining hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube, and regularly attracting thousands of viewers to his stream on Twitch.

But with the biggest open CoD event of the year taking place in Anaheim, CouRage decided to drop by and catch up with a few familiar faces.

He announced he would take a few days off from his daily stream to attend, but fans were still surprised to see him up on the desk providing some laughs and insight into the matches.

Now a member of OpTic Gaming’s content creation team, he is still very much in the loop with Call of Duty esports, but always the entertainer, he broke the ice with a joke.

He stuck around on the desk for the Luminosity vs Enigma6 match, even discussing the motivation of former OpTic Gaming player Matt “FormaL” Piper to prove he made the right move leaving the team to join LG.

If fans are lucky enough, someone at MLG may even convince CouRage to cast a match on championship Sunday, for old times sake.

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How to get free Pawn Takes Pawn rewards for Warzone & Black Ops Cold War

Published: 30/Oct/2020 16:56

by Tanner Pierce


Now that the Pawn Takes Pawn easter egg hunt is finally over, which connected both Warzone and the upcoming Black Ops Cold War, fans have now been rewarded with in-game items for both games and Call of Duty: Mobile. Here’s how you get your hands on them.

After months of solving easter eggs both online and in Warzone, the Pawn Takes Pawn campaign has finally come to end and while most people thought that the hunt itself was fun, the final reveal of a simple video was a bit less ideal than some were hoping for, to say the least.

That being said, it’s not all bad. As a reward for the community completing the easter egg, Activision is giving all players some sweet rewards for Black Ops Cold War, Warzone/Modern Warfare, and even Call of Duty: Mobile. Getting your hands on them isn’t too tricky but there are a couple steps you have to follow.

Activision has revealed that Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, and Mobile players can unlock special Pawn Takes Pawn items.

Black Ops Cold War, Warzone, and Mobile Pawn Takes Pawn rewards

Players are able to get a slew of rewards for three separate games. While you definitely get more for Modern Warfare/Warzone, the fact that Treyarch is already giving out rewards for Black Ops Cold War before its official release is cool to see. Even giving some love to Mobile is a nice gesture.

  • Black Ops Cold War
    • Knight chess piece weapon charm
    • “Family Portait” calling card
  • Modern Warfare/Warzone
    • Ak-47 weapon blueprint
    • Helicopter skin
    • Pawn chess piece weapon charm
    • 5 emblems
    • 5 calling cards
    • 5 sprays
  • Mobile
    • By15 weapon skin
    • Calling card
    • Avatar
    • Spray
    • Frame

All in all, it’s a ton of content and it’s nice to see Activision giving some love to all games, rather than just one.

Players can also earn rewards for Black Ops Cold War before its release.

Pawn Takes Pawn content instructions

Getting access to all three of these content packs is relatively simple, however, there’s still a few steps that you have to go through. Before you start, you’ll want to make sure that you have an Activision account and that it’s linked to either your PlayStation, Xbox, or accounts.

  1. Go to and either sign-in to your Pawn Takes Pawn account or make one if you haven’t already.
  2. Type in “1PIECES9IN8PLAY1” in the box that shows up titled Flying Colors.
  3. Watch the video.
  4. After you fully watch the video, you should see an achievement pop up in the top right hand corner allowing you to “redeem rewards”. Click that link and you’ll see a list of codes.
  5. In a separate tab/window, go to and sign-in to your Activision account.
  6. Input the codes one by one once the box pops up.

It’s worth noting that there’s a small bug associated with the codes. Sometimes, after you watch the video, the achievement won’t pop up. To solve this, re-input the code on the “colorbound” website and watch the video again. It should pop up after that point.

After you complete all the steps, you should see your rewards show up in-game the next time you boot it up.