FormaL drops insane 34 kill Blackout match – with a knife


Professional Call of Duty player Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper stunned his viewers with an incredible 34 kill Blackout win, while only using a combat knife. 

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FormaL is one of many professional Call of Duty players whose future is up in the air, as the CoD scene makes the unprecedented transition into a franchised league. The former world champion is spending his off season streaming on Twitch, impressing viewers with his insane FPS skills. 

While playing Black Ops 4 on September 27 FormaL was, once again, showing off his skills when it comes to Treyarch’s battle royale. He has dropped a number of incredible games previously, including one that baffled Twitch streamer DrDisrespect.

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FormaL most recently represented Luminosity Gaming in the CWL.
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FormaL has vocalized his desire to commit to Twitch, particularly when he does not have any Call of Duty tournaments to be practicing for.

This seems to be paying off, as he currently sits at upwards of 20,000 subscribers on the streaming platform, and regularly stuns his audience with his talents. 

34 kills would be a tall order for a top player with a gun, but the ease with which FormaL achieves it reinforces his reputation as one of the best CoD players ever. 

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The ending was posted to Twitch and amassed a lot of attention, as FormaL simply runs around a building and eliminates a whole team in quick succession. 

While he makes it look easy, the game knowledge required to pull off such a play – avoiding long distance confrontations, positioning to ambush enemies – cannot be overstated, plus a bit of luck of course.

Fans were clearly impressed by the play, with many claiming him to be the best player in the world at Treyarch’s Blackout battle royale.

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He has been rumored to be returning to a roster alongside Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, as part of the fabled ‘T2P’ duo that was at the center of the OpTic Gaming dynasty roster. 

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While this remains unconfirmed, we are seeing more and more CoD pros announce their destinations. Given his talents and reputation, it’s almost certain we’ll see FormaL leading a roster in next year’s CDL.