FormaL bashes “f**king garbage” Modern Warfare 2 maps list

OpTic FormaL retires from professional Call of DutyCall of Duty League

CoD legend Matt ‘FormaL’ Piper transitioned to Halo after falling out of love with the series, and Modern Warfare 2 failed to reignite his passion.

Game crashing bugs and server issues plagued Modern Warfare 2’s launch. Those issues are easy to brush aside, but players pointed out far more troubling concerns.

Community members disparaged MW’2’s UI as the worst in CoD history, and the Santa Sena Border Crossing map received overwhelming disapproval. Fans wanted MW2’s map structure to mirror classic CoD titles, but first impressions tell another story.

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FormaL already called out Warzone 2, claiming, “I thought the Warzone 2 premiere was f**king awful.” The Esports icon wasn’t much kinder to MW2’s multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 2 Operators with tankActivision
Modern Warfare 2’s Multiplayer launch had a rocky first day.

Formal slams MW2’s map pool

Call of Duty league Clips shared multiple videos of FormaL bashing Modern Warfare 2’s maps.

He said, “These maps are just f**king garbage.”, after having only spent a short time with the game. His patience was already wearing thing on Modern Warfare 2’s launch day. It’s safe to say FormaL isn’t a fan of the map offering in the latest entry to the Call of Duty series.

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FormaL left in the middle of a Knockout match on Taraq and added, “I do not want to play this. I am already quitting out of maps an hour into the game; that’s not a good sign.”

Fortunately, he has found much more success in Halo Infinite. OpTic beat Cloud9 to win the 2022 Halo World Championship on the back of a dominant win at HCS Orlando.

The 27-year-old passed $1m in total career earnings and joined a select few of becoming a World Champion in multiple titles.

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It’s fair to say we won’t see FormaL on the main stage at a CoD event any time soon, but he is doing just fine in this new chapter of his illustrious career.