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Forgotten Warzone Cold War rifle rises to the top of K/D leaderboard

Published: 28/Jan/2022 0:25

by Jaret Kappelman


With Vanguard integration into Warzone Pacific some classic weapons have been left to collect dust. However, the Cold War C58 is coming out of the shadows as it rises back to the top of the K/D chart. 

When the C58 came out in Warzone it was immediately dubbed as the “no-recoil” king. Despite numerous nerfs, it still remained as one of the top assault rifles and was the meta.

This changed when the EM2 was introduced in Season 5, as that gun took its place as the best in Warzone.

Now, with Warzone Pacific and Vanguard-only modes, many of those guns were left behind. But with the recent playlist change, all weapons were back on the board and the C58 is dominating once again.


C58 on top of Warzone K/D leaderboard

On January 26, the C58 was the highest-ranked K/D weapon in all of Warzone (according to WZ Ranked).

The deadly assault rifle racked up a 1.27 K/D but still sat at a 1% pick rate overall.

This could be due to Vanguard Royale being a popular mode and only allowing weapons from that game, but the C58 is proving to be strong once again.

Warzone gameplay
The C58 is atop the Warzone K/D leaderboard.

Even after the Vanguard integration, Warzone guru JGOD still had the C58 ranked as the third-best loadout in the game.

This AR packs one of the toughest punches in all of Warzone and is really easy to use. Since it has such little recoil, it has always been one of the top choices in the game.


So while players go back to Rebirth Island or normal Battle Royale modes, it may be a good idea to throw on the C58 again and rack up some kills.