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Five more 80s Action Heroes we want to see in Warzone: Scarface, Terminator, more

Published: 31/May/2021 8:33

by Brad Norton


With Warzone Season 3 taking us back in time to Verdansk ‘84, the door for 80s themed crossovers has been blown wide open. We’ve already got Rambo and John McClane in the Call of Duty battle royale, but here’s who we want to see next.

With Warzone’s second year taking us back to Verdansk ‘84, Activision has lined up a number of timely crossovers to celebrate. Rambo and John McClane kicked things off with the first set of 80s Action Heroes skins in May, though we already know that more characters are on the way.

There’s no telling just what the developers have in store, though it’s safe to expect more action film heroes joining the fight in the near future. Here are five unmistakable 80’s icons we want to see in Warzone next.


Tony Montana – Scarface

Tony Montana in Scarface
Universal Pictures
Tony Montana could go out in a blaze of glory in Warzone.

It’s simply impossible to think back on the most impactful 80’s characters and not consider Tony Montana. Arguably Al Pacino’s most memorable role, the ruthless killer would be a perfect fit for Warzone.

While the character doesn’t quite have a military background, he’s no chump with fully automatic weapons. Closing out the final circle in Verdansk with his bloody suit on could be one of the best visuals in the CoD franchise. Montana is certainly no hero but his character fits the bill perfectly for the 80s era.

T-800 – Terminator

Terminator could be the first non-human Operator in Warzone.

Outside of some creepy Halloween costumes, Warzone tends to play it safe with new crossovers. We’re yet to see anything other than human characters added into the CoD battle royale, but if we’re to break that mould anytime soon, Terminator would be a perfect franchise to kick things off with.


The T-800 robot is a killing machine through and through. Being able to drop into Verdansk ‘84 as the terrifying figure would strike fear in just about every other character in the lobby. It seems to be a likely fit as even the official CoD Twitter account has teased a Terminator crossover already.

Dutch – Predator

Predator Dutch
20th Century Fox
Dutch might be the most well-prepared 80’s hero for Verdansk.

How can we have more 80’s heroes popping up in Warzone without seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger sometime soon? You can take your pick from his best hits but Dutch might be the most fitting for Verdansk ‘84. A former mercenary and military leader, Dutch went toe to toe with the ‘Jungle Hunter’ in the first Predator film.


He’s already outfitted for combat and his camo could make the skin a real threat in any jungle POI. If Activsion wanted to get truly crazy, this could even pave the way for a special ‘Predator Hunt’ LTM.

Max Rockatansky – Mad Max

Mad Max
Roadshow Entertainment
Mad Max could bring his own vehicles of destruction into Warzone.

While the Mad Max franchise kicked off in 1979, just shy of being a true 80’s hit, there’s no denying the series was popularized throughout the following decade. The Aussie action star became a cult icon as a result of the follow-up films. It’s only right the Road Warrior drops into Verdansk with his unmistakable leather jacket.

Of course, it would only be fitting to cram a unique vehicle skin or two in with this bundle. Imagine being chased down by a deadly truck covered in spikes, or a unique monster truck design with weapons at the ready. There’s plenty of possibilities to cash in with this 80s crossover.


Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris movie poster
Cannon Films
How can you look past Chuck Norris when considering 80’s icons?

For a fun one to close things out, we want to see Chuck Norris in Warzone. It just has to happen. This Operator skin doesn’t need to be tied to a specific film, Norris himself is an 80’s icon and more than worthy of his own crossover.

Having built a reputation for being truly ‘unkillable,’ tearing through Verdansk as the action star would be an incredible joyride. He’s both a sharpshooter and a martial arts pro, meaning we could even see some unique finishing moves too.