First look at remastered version of Slums map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Calum Patterson

Treyarch have released what is believed to be the final preview for all the remade maps coming to Black Ops 4, finally revealing what the new and improved Slums will look like.

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First featured in Black Ops 2, Slums is a small and hectic map, with clearly defined lanes, and a narrow center courtyard area.

During the Black Ops 2 competitive season, it was one of the most favored maps for hardpoint particularly, with a range of engagements, and emphasis on spawn knowledge.

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As with the other remastered maps, little has changed about the general aesthetic of the map for Black Ops 4, but it has been given a makeover, with improved graphical fidelity and details.

It will be interesting to see how the map plays out in some of the newer game modes that were not in Black Ops 2, namely ‘Control’ and ‘Heist’.

For competitive players, the community will be eager to see this map back in rotation, for hardpoint specifically at least.

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That means that all four announced remakes – Summit, Firing Range, Jungle and Slums – have been revealed, with the exception of Nuketown, which is set to come to all players in November.

Treyarch has also teased two other completely new maps, Morocco and Icebreaker, and there is suspicions that one more is still to be revealed.

In the launch trailer, a different jungle like environment was seen for just a split second, and it didn’t appear familiar from any of the other maps.